DNC Chair Called for State-wide RECANVASS of Iowa…Then Backtracked!

(PatriotHeadline.com) – On Thursday it was reported that the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, was calling on the Iowa Democrats to recanvass its caucus results. It would have meant scrapping the vote completely, starting again, and hopefully getting a more accurate measurement.

Writing on Twitter, Perez said, “Enough is enough.”

He went on, “In light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to immediately begin a recanvass.”

Very clear words from the chairman. He was asking for the process to start again, and for the votes to be cast again, in a move that would quickly be considered suspicious by Bernie Sanders supporters.

The campaigners for the socialist candidate have long been suspicious of the DNC, particularly after the stitch up that took place in 2016. Sanders supporters feared that the Iowa debacle was another attempt at robbing Sanders of a victory, and in light of that, Perez has now walked back his claim and said that he wasn’t calling for a full recanvass at all.

Really? It looked pretty clear to me.

It was less than 10 hours after he made the statement that Perez changed his mind and said he was actually only suggesting an isolated recanvass of certain areas where irregularities had been found.

That isn’t what he said.

During an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Thursday night, Perez said that there were issues and questions to be raised about the tabulations in some precincts. He made it clear that he didn’t actually want a recanvass (which is what he said in his tweet) but that instead, localized recanvassing would be necessary to ensure that the results are valid.

He said, “Assuming no candidate files a request, it will be surgical, surgical.”

If Bernie Sanders hadn’t won the caucus, I expect he’d have been the one to file that request.