Did Bloomberg Tell Pregnant Employee To “Kill” Baby?

(PatriotHeadline.com) – In a 1997 lawsuit, it was alleged that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told a female employee that she should “kill it” to keep working at his company.

The accusation comes from Michael Robinson, the communications director at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). Robinson claims that the lawsuit is symptomatic of the pressure being put on pregnant women in the workplace to sacrifice their children to stay financially stable.

“Outrageous comments such as these can pressure women to have an abortion in order to protect their career,” Robinson claimed. “These comments are not appropriate for any employer.”

So did Bloomberg really say this?

Well, allegations were made in a lawsuit in 1997 against the once-mayor of New York City. It is said that Bloomberg told Sekiko Sakai, who worked as a sales manager in his firm, to kill her baby when she announced her pregnancy.


The lawsuit alleges that Bloomberg immediately responded by saying, “Great, number 16,” in reference to the already 15 employees who were pregnant at the time.

ABC quickly picked up on the story, running the headline, “Bloomberg’s Sexist remarks Fostered Company Culture that Degraded Women, Lawsuits Allege.”

Even the Times reported on it back in 2001, saying that Bloomberg denied the allegations.

The case was reportedly settled with undisclosed terms outside of court, and Sakai is now unable to discuss the issue after signing a confidentiality agreement.

However, SPUC’s communications director Michael Robinson is sounding the alarm and reminding pro-life Americans of the accusations made. Robinson said that the comments create a “scenario in which such negative workplace attitudes towards pregnancy and motherhood make a woman feel she ought to have an abortion in order to protect her career.”

Accusations about Bloomberg creating a hostile environment in his company don’t end there, either.

A lawsuit from 2016 accuses the New York billionaire of encouraging sexism and engaging in sexually-charged behavior.