DESPERATE: Ellen DeGeneres Fires Producers, Head Writer, In Scramble to Repair Image

( Ellen DeGeneres has been the focus of reports about workplace harassment and a toxic working environment for several weeks now. After current and former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show came forward to talk about their horrific experiences, story after story has examined what it’s like to work for the notoriously friendly TV personality and learned that she might not be quite the same person in real life.

In a scramble to repair her public image, Ellen has become firing members of staff and trying to improve the working environment for her staff. On Monday, the head writer for her show along with two producers were fired.

The news comes from Variety and suggests that executive producers Kevin Leman and Ed Glavin have been relieved of their duties as a result of being accused of sexual impropriety. Co-executive producer Jonathan Normal faces the same accusations. Variety reports that Andy Lassner, Derek Westervelt, and Mary Connelly – all executive producers of the show – will be sticking around.

This whole mess started in July when BuzzFeed published a story about how former employees saw Kevin Lamen, allegedly, sexually propositioning several employees. One former employee who spoke to BuzzFeed claimed that Leman asked if he could “give him a handjob or perform oral sex in a bathroom at a company party in 2013.”

Another employee also said that they saw Leman grab a production assistant’s penis during work.

The question here is…if everyone knew about this, surely Ellen would have known about it too? Some of these accusations go back three years, so it’s not like this is a new revelation.

The report said that almost a dozen former employees, who worked at varying levels within the company, and some of whom had worked there for many years, all said that Leman would make sexual comments about men’s penises and trousers. Leman’s lawyer, however, said that Ellen fired him “based on a faulty report.”

Co-executive Jonathan Normal was accused by another former employee of grooming him by giving him extra work-related perks, taking him to concerts, and later attempting to perform oral sex on him.

It looks like this problem goes much deeper than hostility at work. If the accusations at true, Ellen’s top staff have been sexually grooming and assaulting team members for years.