Deported Sex Offender Found Hiding Among Migrant Group At Border

( Under the new Biden administration, the United States faces a new wave of illegal aliens and criminals pouring over the southern border, and the Laredo Sector Border Patrol agency recently discovered a previously deported sex offender hiding with other smuggled illegal aliens in a vehicle.

Border patrol agents discovered the tractor-trailer of illegals last weekend when they arrested 138 migrants after catching two human smuggling operations.

Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak from the Laredo Sector in Texas published photographs of illegal aliens packed inside of a tractor-trailer, describing how a convicted sex offender was arrested.

The post showed a photograph of the man in question along with the inside of the trailer. Incredibly, Twitter chose to censor Hudak’s post. A message appeared beneath the post describing how “the following media includes potentially sensitive content.”

Users must now click “View” before they can see the content.

It came just days after Hudak revealed an operation where a further 83 migrants were apprehended after human smugglers attempted to get them over the border in commercial vehicles.

“#USBP Laredo Sector agents and #K9 teams recently interdicted 4 human smuggling attempts in commercial vehicles resulting in the arrest of 83 illegal aliens,” he said.

Details surrounding the nationalities and identities of the 138 migrants who were apprehended at the border have not yet been revealed.

Texas is at the forefront of the battle over border security. Judge Drew Tipton ruled on January 26 that President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring a moratorium on deportations be halted while the order is battled out in the courts.

President Biden’s 100-day pause on deportation was challenged by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.