Denver Mayor FLIES To Thanksgiving Dinner After Telling Resident To STAY HOME

( Michael Hancock, the Democrat Mayor of Denver, warned residents On Twitter on Wednesday morning that they should stay home and avoid travel this Thanksgiving, so you would be forgiven for assuming he stayed at home on Thursday. But that’s not what happened.

According to 9News, not long after Hancock warned resident not to leave their homes, he left his own house and took a flight to Houston where he would meet his daughter and spend Thanksgiving with her.

“Pass the potatoes, not COVID,” he said in a patronising and hypocritical tweet on Wednesday.”

“Stay home as much as you can, especially if you’re sick. Host virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners. Avoid travel, if you can,” he added.

These all sound like great pieces of advice he could have taken on board himself. Couldn’t’ he have had a virtual dinner with his daughter rather than getting on a plane, endangering every other person on the plane, and then possibly spreading the virus to his daughter?

How inconsiderate.

Once the outrage hit, however, a spokesperson for the mayor defended him.

“As he has shared, the Mayor is not hosting his traditional large family dinner this year, but instead traveling alone to join his wife and daughter where the three of them will celebrate Thanksgiving at her residence instead of having them travel back to Denver,” his spokesperson said, before saying he will “follow all necessary health and safety guidance and quarantine” upon his return.

What do you think…is that good enough? Or does that just sound like dangerous and unnecessary travel to you?

Last Friday, Hancock specifically said that he was “pleading with everyone; please stay home.”

“We are trying our very best to protect lives and to protect livelihoods. I’m asking; I’m urging; I’m pleading with everyone; please stay home. Please only go out for essential services. Stay home; maybe put up holiday decorations, but stay home,” he said last week.

So which one is it? Stay home or not?