Democrats Unveil Bill To Make Refugee Flood PERMANENT

( Democrats have two years in control of the three chambers of government until the Republicans have a very real chance of taking back the House, and they know it. That’s why House Democrat Gerry Connolly of Virginia just reintroduced a bill that would ban any future president from reducing the refugee admissions cap below 125,000.

They’re already preparing to scale back the powers of a second Trump administration…

The “Lady Liberty Act of 2021” was backed by 50 House Democrats and has since been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. It seeks to change the Immigration and Nationality Act to include a minimum number of refugees who must be admitted in any fiscal year after 2022. It would cement into law a requirement to bring more than 100,000 refugees into the United States even if those refugees don’t exist, even if the United States can’t handle it, and even if the voters don’t want it.

In a statement, Connolly failed to address the glaring problem of what happens when there aren’t enough legitimate refugees or if the United States cannot reasonably take in a large quantity. Instead, he said that “no one chooses to be a refugee.”

Which is wrong.

Every day, border agents at the southern border process illegal aliens crossing the border and claiming to be refugees and asylum seekers, despite actually attempting to smuggle other people or drugs into the country. Some 100,000 were apprehended in February alone, amidst a dramatic spike in illegal crossings since Biden took the White House.

“In the face of a growing humanitarian crisis, America must reclaim its status as a safe haven for the downtrodden and once again open its door to refugees. This legislation will reverse the Trump Administration’s callous backslide and restore America’s leadership role in refugee resettlement,” the statement reads.

To achieve the goal of forcing American to accept yet more dependents, the legislation would change Section 207(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act by inserting: “‘‘except that in any fiscal year after fiscal year 2022, such number may not be less than 125,000, without regard to whether or not the President makes any determination,’” after the sentence, ‘in any fiscal year after fiscal year 1982 shall be such number as the President determines.”

The bill is likely to pass the House, with Democrats in control, but it all depends on just how many Republican Senators are willing to go with the crowd over fears of being called racist.

If enough Republicans are terrified of the label, then the next Republican administration might not be able to do much to defend America’s borders.