Democrats Introduce Bill To Ban Trump Permanently

( Seemingly not content about forcing former President Donald Trump off of social media, Democrats have now introduced a resolution that would ban the president from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery with other American presidents.

Even in his death, the Democrats want the former president to be marginalized.

The “No Glory for Hate Act” was introduced last month by far-left Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez from California. Under the proposed legislation, co-sponsored by some thirteen House Democrats, President Trump would be denied a federal pension worth $220,000 per year, paid staff, and office space paid by the federal government.

The only thing the former president would remain entitled to is Secret Service Protection – something he absolutely needs after years of being smeared as a racist, a Nazi, and most recently, an insurrectionist.

While the legislation does not mention the former president by name, among its provisions is that any president impeached twice should be denied the usual privileges afforded to former American heads of state. And if you still weren’t certain this was just an effort to demonize the former president, Rep. Sanchez recently vowed that the former president’s name shouldn’t appear on as much as a park bench.

In a statement, Sanchez wrongly claimed that “Donald Trump poured gasoline on lies, encouraging racism and hatred, then lit the match on January 6th.”

The date referred to the violent riot that occurred on Capitol Hill, pushed by far-right and far-left activists, and condemned in the strongest possible terms by then-President Donald Trump.

“We should never glorify the hatred Donald Trump personified as president,” Sanchez added.

The bill also provides specific examples of where the name of any president that has been impeached twice – which is only former President Donald Trump – would be banned. It includes military bases, subways, and highways – a reference that appears to be a direct response to an announcement in January that Florida lawmakers want to rename the US-27 road the “Donald J Trump Highway.”

Could the Democrats be any more bitter?

Supporters of former President Donald Trump came out against the targeted legislation, which builds off partisan efforts to impeach the president for crimes he didn’t commit.

“This is petty as f*ck even for Democrats, but Trump doesn’t seem like the type to wanna be buried in Arlington,” one user said.

“Leave Arlington National Cemetery out of this,” another said.

“This is nothing more than hatred for President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Unity and healing, right?