Demand for U.S.-Made Goods INCREASES Amidst COVID Comeback

( Democrats might be pushing for President Donald Trump to advocate for increased lockdown measures, but existing measures are allowing the United States economy to start getting back on its feet while protecting people from the virus. Data for June has shown that demand for American-made goods just keeps increasing, having increased for the second consecutive month.

The data shows that America’s manufacturing sector is on a steady footing despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and following the relaxing of lockdown rules, U.S. factories are getting back to work.

On Tuesday, the Department of Commerce announced that orders from American factories increased by some 6.2%, which was more than the modest prediction made by economists of 5% for the month of June. It follows May’s 7.7% gain, signaling that the PPP loans put in place by the federal government may have helped businesses stay afloat while millions of people were forced to stay at home.

Data suggests that the manufacturing sector was healthy in July, too, showing no signed of decline. The labor market was dramatically hit by lockdown measures but most states have now relaxed rules to some extent and allowed people to get back to work. It means that the businesses in the U.S. manufacturing sector have not only survived, but are experiencing surges in demand that are allowing them to get back to work quickly…and fully.

A survey performed by the Institute of Supply Management showed that activity even rose to a 15-month high in Monday, despite the virus. People want American made goods more than ever, and it could also be a result of heightened tensions with Communist China.

There is a big demand for durable goods, as well as items that are designed to last over three years. Demand for these products rose by 7.6% in June. In May, orders were up by 15% over April, though that is largely a result of the fact that demand dropped so dramatically in April when most of the lockdowns really began.

Americans are still buying cars, too. Demand for automobiles increased by 27.8% in June, up from a substantial rise of 16.3% in May.

America’s on its way back!