Dem Senator Tammy Duckworth LIES About Ventilators to Attack Trump

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- It may not come as a surprise to you that another Democratic senator told a blatant lie about ventilator supply in the United States on Friday, in a transparent attempt at attacking President Donald Trump.

Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois made the false claim on Friday that President Trump could have saved lives by sending more ventilators to New York, but that he failed to do so. The claim is verifiably incorrect.

It all started when the president Tweeted that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo requested 40,000 ventilators, but that the government gave them a fraction of the number because “it was plenty.”

“State should have had them in stockpile!” the president added.

Duckworth, in her failed attempt at getting one over the president, accused the president of being responsible for thousands of deaths.

“As he watches Americans die by the thousands, Trump remains incapable of showing empathy or leadership,” she claimed.

Ironic, really, given she isn’t showing much empathy herself.

“He *could* have saved lives by sending more ventilators, but he didn’t,” she added. “That’s true regardless of who Donald ‘I don’t take responsibility at all’ Trump tries to blame.”

Except, it isn’t true. At all.

In a White House Coronavirus Task Force press event last week, ADAM Boehler confirmed that there has been “no American that has needed a ventilator that has not received one.”

Hear that, Tammy?

Senator Duckworth didn’t provide any evidence to support her claim because she has none. Not only did New York not need as many ventilators as they predicted (which, truly, is a victory against the virus!) but the state is already giving them away to other states who need them. Cuomo recently announced he would be sharing ventilators with Maryland and other states which are expected to see an increase in infections in coming weeks.

Governor Cuomo also confirmed that nobody in New York has gone without a ventilator, either.

“Have we saved everyone? No. But have we lost anyone because we didn’t have a bed, or we didn’t have a ventilator, or we didn’t have health care staff? No. People we lost are the people we couldn’t save,” he confirmed.

How low is the left willing to stoop on this?