Dem Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Faces RECALL Election

( A Superior Court Judge from King County in Washington has approved a petition for a recall election to take place to potentially remove Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan from office. The radical-left mayor became known all over the country after she refuses to get involved when gangs of violent (and armed) Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists occupied a six-block region of her city.

For weeks, armed anarchists set up camp in the region of the city, calling it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” They vandalized businesses and destroyed buildings, forced people out of their homes, and the “protests” got so bad that some people even ended up killed. Despite this, Mayor Durkan refused to instruct the police or National Guard to take back the space for weeks, and only eventually buckled when those same activists decided to start protesting near her home.

Despite all this, though, the plaintiffs behind the ruling actually take issue with her for different reasons.

According to the Seattle Times, a ruling on Friday means that the wheels are now in motion for a recall election to take place. Activists can now go about getting the required number of signatures to force an election to take place.

Some 50,000 signatures are required to an election to take place, which will see the people of Seattle forced to choose between the radical Democrats or Republicans who have argued since the beginning that these riots should be stomped out.

The petitioners who pushed for the ruling said that Durkan is guilty of “endangering the peace and safety of the community” by letting local police “leak false information about fabricated crimes and threats to the media” and putting in place a citywide curfew without giving advance notice to the public.

There were seven reasons in total cited in the claim, but just one charge against her was sufficient to force the recall election. Durkan’s use of chemical agents and tear gas was the smoking gun, and the reason the judge decided to approve the recall petition.

Isn’t that crazy? You let your city burn down and armed anarchists occupy a section of land, and yet it’s your use of tear gas that means you’re up for a recall election…