Defund Police? Kamala Harris Says Defund The PENTAGON

( If you thought defunding the police was a radical idea, Joe Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris thinks it’s a good idea to defund the Pentagon. That’s not hyperbole – it’s exactly what she said in July of this year.

After initially disagreeing with socialist Senator Bernie Sanders on his idea of defunding the Pentagon by 10% by 2021, Harris went on to say she actually “unequivocally” agreed with the idea of reducing the amount of money spent on American defense. Harris has remained supportive of efforts to reduce America’s defense budget, for some inexplicable reason.

In her own words:

“I applaud Senator Sanders and am grateful for all the work that he’s done on this amendment,” she said. “I unequivocally agree with the goal of reducing the defense budget and redirecting funding to communities in need, but it must be done strategically. I remain supportive of the effort, and am hopefully that with the benefit of additional time, future efforts will more specifically address these complicated issues and earn my enthusiastic support.”

Harris was one of 14 Senators who voted against the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, showing her commitment to defunding the Pentagon. The act authorized Pentagon spending, including spending on paying American troops.

Harris said that she voted against the bill because “Californians demand better.” She went on to complain that the Pentagon’s budget was being used to build the wall on the southern border because Harris is adamantly opposed to the wall and would rather it was easier for people to illegally enter the United States from Mexico.

“I could not vote for a bill that provides backdoor funding for Trump’s border wall, clears a pathway to testing a nuclear weapon for the first time in decades, and does not adequately address the scourge of sexual assault I the military,” she said. “And I could not back this bill after Republicans refused to include our amendments to demilitiarize police departments.”

Can you imagine if Harris is elected vice president? First of all, she’ll get the top job the moment everyone admits that Biden isn’t capable of being president, and secondly, she’ll completely undo all the hard work President Trump has done improving America’s defense.

Isn’t it the role of the president and vice president to keep America safe?