DC Snobs Are Buying Custom Stocked Bookshelves To Look Sophisticated On TV

(PatriotHeadline.com)- If you’ve ever been impressed by how every politician and commentator on TV news seems to have an incredible collection of books, then you’re in for a shock. It turns out that DC snobs are purchasing custom-stocked shelves of books – most of which the buyers have never even read – to make themselves look more sophisticated and cultured on TV.

A Politico report explained how companies like “Books by the Foot” from Maryland use their huge warehouses of books to curate custom bookshelves for clients, helping them create a backdrop for Zoom meetings and TV interviews during the COVID era.

Customers already included hotels and interior decorators, but these companies have quickly become popular with politicians, commentators, and celebrities.

The Politico report explains how more people performing interviews over the internet and working from home has led to a massive increase in demand for custom-curated bookshelves.

Chuck Roberts, the owner of Books by the Foot, told Politico that they were curating bookshelves that appeared to be the perfect size for Zoom calls.

“We can sort of, you know, guess, or read between the lines, and we’ve had an uptick in smaller quantities,” he explained. “If your typical bookcase is 2 feet wide, and you just want to have the background from your shoulders up, then you might order 9 feet of history or 9 feet of literature. That way, you put them on your home set..and nobody can zoom in on these books and say, ‘Oh my God, he’s reading..’ you know, something offensive or tacky. Nothing embarrassing.”

It’s a good point, too. During the early days of teleconferencing and Zoom calls in the COVID-19 pandemic, SJWs went on a brief tirade against anybody seen to have offensive or “problematic” books on their bookshelves.

Roberts also told Politico that they have seen an “uptick in books by subject, which are usually for personal use,” indicating that there are at least still some customers who actually intend on reading the books they buy.

So, next time you see the perfect bookshelf on TV, you can at least feel a little better knowing they probably bought the whole shelf from a specialist curator!