CRAZY Maxine Waters Calls Trump “Would-Be Dictator,” Calls for Him to be REMOVED

( It seems the Democrats are willing to side with violent mobs of extremists as long as it’s the opposite of what President Donald Trump is doing, and that has never been more evident than in Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments on Friday. The far-left extremist congresswoman, who has repeatedly condemned the president for virtually everything she could think of, publicly insisted that Trump be removed from office. She publicly speculated whether members of his cabinet may invoke the 25th amendment to remove him because he is a “would-be dictator.”

As demonstrators continued to tear down cities, burn down buildings, and attack police in cities across America on Friday, Waters said that the president is “amassing the power of a dictator” and wondered whether his cabinet members “would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office.”

These people are so self-assured, aren’t they?

Waters made the comments on Twitter, in which she also said, “Now is the time to save our country before this would-be dictator takes us all down!”

Waters didn’t finish there, though. In another tweet, she accused the president of using Homeland Security, the National Guard, the FBI, and military troops “against our citizens & our young people protesting against the killing of unarmed people of color.”

Waters purposely missed the point. President Donald Trump was compelled to bring in the National Guard and threatened to use the military as a result of people smashing up shops and buildings, burning down churches, and committing acts of violence. In Waters ideal world, perhaps those people would be allowed to continue destroying American cities.

“Stop him!” she added. “Join the resistance!”

At this point, it feels like they’re just pandering to young people for the sake of winning over their votes in November, doesn’t it? The question is…how would the Democrats quell riots when they inevitably happen under the next Democratic president’s administration?