COVER-UP: China Misreported MILLIONS of Coronavirus Cases

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- A new report from the American Enterprise Institute reinforces claims that the Chinese Communist Party attempted to cover up the outbreak of the coronavirus, and did not accurately report the number of people infected by the disease and who died as a result.

The report finds that China’s official numbers are mathematically improbable and that they appear to have misreported cases by as many as 2.9 million.

The AEI report claimed that the size of the population in China means it is “almost certain” that the country disseminated disinformation about the scale of the outbreak in Wuhan. Specifically, the report looked at the figures released by state media from China in January when they were attempting to downplay the severity of the disease. It considered the numbers in the city of origin as well as locations throughout the rest of the Hubei province before a lockdown order was enforced.

Among the key points of the report include the claim that outside of Wuhan and the wider Hubei province, the number of reported cases are low “by a factor of 100 or more.”

The report claims that the estimated underreporting of 2.9 million cases is “partly due to China’s huge population.”

“That population can also hide COVID-19 among tens of millions of respiratory illnesses,” the AEI says. “Along with harshly enforced censorship, the population can hide tens of thousands of deaths.”

China has been unwilling to share accurate data from the start and refused to offer specific information about the number of people who left Wuhan before measures were put in place to restrict travel. The numbers are important as it would demonstrate the severity of the disease and offer a more detailed timeline of its spread, after initially coming from a wet market in the city.

Using the best available data, which comes from South Korea, the AEI report argues that for the numbers that came out of China to be accurate then the virus would need to be half as infectious as we know it to be.

Even now, China refuses to address the truth about the virus. The country reports no new deaths caused by the disease and celebrate the reopening of Wuhan city as well as its wet markets.