“Conservative” John Kasich Set to Endorse BIDEN At DNC

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Remember John Kasich? If you don’t live in Ohio then you probably only know him as the terrible presidential hopeful who got destroyed by Donald Trump in the 2016 primary races. He is a “conservative” Republican and the former governor of Ohio, and he’s expected to endorse presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention next month.

The move is considered a possible way of getting Republicans more willing to side with Joe Biden in the November presidential race, but it could backfire. With Biden pushing some of the most far-left “progressive” policies of any mainstream presidential candidate in history, Kasich’s decision to endorse him could well signal to the voters just how corrupt politics has become.

Why is a “conservative” endorsing a radical progressive who wants to destroy the economy with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal?

The Associated Press reported on Monday that Kasich is expected to appear on the DNC and speak on behalf of Joe Biden, and will be one of a number of prominent Republicans to endorse his campaign in the fight against President Donald Trump.

Who thinks this is just bitterness more than anything?

It’s not working out the way the Democrats hoped, though. Ever since the news broke, Democrats and far-left progressives have been melting down over the fact that Republicans would be allowed to share the stage at the DNC. Many said it would be inappropriate to give Kasich a platform, including Michael Arceneaux, a well-known left-wing essayist.

Arceneaux referenced the fact that Kasich signed a 20-week abortion ban and has opposed “anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws,” and said it would be “silly and insulting” to allow him to speak at the DNC.

United States House candidate for Ohio, Shawna Roberts, said she was glad Kasich supports Biden over Trump but doesn’t “see why he should get the platform.”

“He is not a friend,” she said.

Not a friend? The guy is literally endorsing your candidate over the Republican candidate!

I guess we can just sit back and watch them melt down and shoot themselves in the foot. This could have been a gift but they won’t let that happen.