CNN’s Jake Tapper Thinks Trump Allies Could Cause “Terrorism”

( Far-left CNN propagandist Jake Tapper made the shocking and disgraceful claim on Monday that President Donald Trump’s “lies” – or what Tapper deems to be lies – could result in “stochastic terrorism.”

The term refers to violent acts committed because of public demonization of a person or group.

It’s not the first time Tapper has made shameful claims like this, having spent the last four years accusing President Trump of supporting white supremacist and encouraging far-right extremists, despite President Trump condemning white supremacy on dozens of occasions.

During a panel discussion on the radio with State Rep. Gary Eisen, Tapper discussed the president’s plans to ensure election integrity and potentially change the outcome of the election based on damning evidence of widespread voter fraud and misconduct in the 2020 presidential election.

“It has been a challenge of this year when people like Steven Miller go on the president’s favorite channel and say things that are just shamelessly false or talk about this fantasy land alternate slight of electors. We don’t know if they’re cynically lying or if they are intellectually unable to understand the facts or if there is some psychological issue, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because the lies are having an effect,” Tapper claimed.

“There is this thing called a stochastic terrorism which is the idea of leaders putting out falsehoods, demonizing people, and acts of violence happen and can’t be directly tied, but there is a responsibility there,” Tapper added.

In a tweet, Tapper fed into the idea that the president was encouraging people to hurt others, despite that very obviously not being the case.

Tweeting a link to the definition of the term “stochastic terrorism,” Tapper said it was a “disgrace that electors have to live in fear.”

Tapper invented the claim, however, as there was no evidence that electors needed to live in fear. President Donald Trump has not called on his supporters to be violent or to attack electors, nor has he ever endorsed violence or harassment.

Democrats, however, have. Are we meant to forget how Rep. Maxine Waters literally rallied her troops to harass and intimidate Republicans in the street?

Tapper, even when his preferred candidate has “won” the election, still won’t stop the baseless lies and propaganda.