CNN Reporter Exaggerates Biden’s Popular Vote On Camera – They Let Her Do It

( CNN once again proved its credentials as a propaganda outlet over the weekend, allowing correspondent Charlotte Atler to drastically exaggerate the popular vote margin won by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, far-left Senator Kamala Harris.

On Sunday, ironically during an episode of “Reliable Sources,” Atler told left-wing mouthpiece Brian Stelter that Harris and Biden “won overwhelmingly, by a popular vote margin not seen since FDR in 1932.”

Atler, a reporter for Time, said that her magazine has a “long history of selecting the recently elected president as person of the year.”

It was a clear attempt at defending the decision to make Biden and Harris the “person of the year,” despite President Donald Trump overseeing the fastest development and distribution of a vaccine for a novel virus in history.

Oh, and making peace deals between Israel and various formerly-hostile Middle Eastern nations.

Atler displayed not just her ignorance of history, but her bias. And so did Brian Stelter by not correcting her.

Since 1932, there have been several times when the margin of victory in terms of the popular vote was much greater. The Media Research Center published a count of 13 times when the popular vote, in terms of percentage points and/or the number of votes, had a greater margin than the one won by Harris and Biden this year.

And, let’s not forget, we don’t know just how big or small the popular vote victory was, given that tens of thousands of people double voted in battleground states like Nevada, and hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were counted without proper observation from poll watchers in Pennsylvania.

If we are to believe all the votes cast were legal and legitimate, then Biden beat President Donald Trump by 7 million votes. That’s 51.3% to Trump’s 46.8%, and a margin of victory of 4.5 percentage points. Going by those numbers, Ronald Reagan won more than double that margin of victory in his 1980 landslide victory. Reagan won by 8.4 million votes, with 50.7% of the vote to Jimmy Carter’s 41%.

But if Atler and Stelter want to play the game of raw numbers, then President Trump broke records too. Without the help of fraudulent mail-in ballots, given that the overwhelming majority of Trump voters turned out on the day to support him, President Donald Trump won 74.2 million votes – more than any other president in history.

Why does CNN keep getting away with telling blatant lies to millions of viewers?