Chinese State Media Says Without “Cold War,” China Will Overtake US

( Chinese state-owned propaganda outlet the Global Times boasted on Sunday that the COVID-19 virus will guarantee America’s decline and cement China as the world superpower within the next ten years. The Global Times said that it will happen unless the United States begins a new “Cold War” with the country.

Quoting a report from the Center for Economics and Business Research, a think tank in the United Kingdom, the Times said that China had suffered because of the pandemic but the United States had been impacted much worse and will need more time to rebuild. China, in the meantime, could potentially take over the United States as the biggest economy, and this could happen as soon as 2028.

A world in which China is the global economic superpower will be a scary place indeed, given China’s opposition to free expression and its regular human rights abuses.

The Global Times also boasted that the 2028 prediction may even be distorted to make China’s economy look weaker than it is and that China could take over the United States much sooner.

The outlet then used the study to explain why the United States and other Western countries are pushing back against China, instead of acknowledging the West’s opposition to China’s refusal to tell the truth over the COVID-19 outbreak and its permittance of slavery and torture of ethnic minorities.

“Especially during the 2020s when China strives to develop its economy, the US is bound to invest a lot of energy into obstructing this process,” the outlet said. “Jeopardizing China’s development will become an inherent US strategy in the future, which will add to the cost of China’s development.”

The Times concluded that so long as China and the United States “remain peaceful and do not go into a cold war,” then China’s economic development “will continue to grow faster than that of the U.S. for a long time in the future.”

Yeah, that’ll happen when you rely on slave labor and oppress citizens for the sake of economic growth.

Doesn’t this all just sound like a good reason for more sanctions on China?