Chicago Mayor Disobeys Own Stay-At-Home Orders To Get A Haircut

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Apparently, getting a haircut is an essential service for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.
Last week, the mayor closed parks and lakefront beaches in the city, reprimanding residents who gathered outside to enjoy nice weather for violating her stay-at-home order.
Over the weekend, though, Lightfoot decided violate her own order to get a haircut at a salon. The news leaked when the woman who gave her the haircut posted photos on Facebook, saying she “had the pleasure of giving Mayor Lightfoot a hair trim.”
Lightfoot was quick to defend her actions, though, saying she is the “public face of this city.” In response to a reporter, she said:
“I’m on national media, and I’m out in the public eye. I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?”
Lightfoot was defiant in her response, too, saying she was “practicing what I’m preaching” since the person who gave her the haircut wore both gloves and a mask. But in her stay-at-home order, she didn’t say that people could congregate in close quarters if they wore protective gear.
She has contradicted her statements a few times in the past, too. She posted a video on Twitter as part of Chicago’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” campaign, in which she told a friend on the phone that “getting your roots done is not essential.”
And in blasting people who went outside to enjoy the good weather, she said:
“Congregating on our lakefront, to be blunt, is going to create a risk that is unacceptable and could lead to death. That is why we are taking these actions and going back and saying again: dear god, stay home, save lives.”
Seems that Lightfoot believes her personal appearance on national television is worth risking the lives of others, though.
Not surprisingly, the mayor has received significant backlash from not only the general public, but even members of her own party in the city and state. One Democratic member of the Chicago City Council, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, said Lightfoot’s reasoning for breaking the quarantine was ridiculous.
In a tweet, Ramirez-Rosa said:
“She is under no obligation to look good on national TV. She is under no obligation to book national interviews. But she is under an obligation to follow and promote good social distancing in order to save lives. This is a bad example for our city.”
The governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, said he hasn’t had a hair trim since the state’s stay-at-home order went into effect. He even joked that, “I’m going to turn into a hippie at some point,” because of long hair.
Actions like these from leaders throughout the country are what is going to get us all in trouble. If leaders are willing to break quarantines so they can look good, how well will their messages about social distancing resonate with the general public?
The obvious answer is not very well.