Census Bureau Director Says He Will Step Down

(PatriotHeadline)- January 20 won’t just mark the last day in office for President Donald Trump. It will be the last day for Steven Dillingham in the U.S. Census Bureau.

Dillingham announced he would step down on Inauguration Day from his post as director of the Census Bureau. The Trump appointee announced his plans after many Democrats demanded last week that he resign from his post.

On Monday, Dillingham said in a statement:

“Let me make it clear that under other circumstances I would be honored to serve President-Elect (Joe) Biden just as I served the past five presidents.”

Trump appointed Dillingham to the position of Census Bureau director in 2019.

A report released last week from the Office of Inspector General caused a lot of concern among liberals.

The Associated Press reported that many Democrats in Congress called for Dillingham to resign after a “watchdog agency” said the director set a deadline that pressured statisticians to produce a report showing the number of people in America illegally. All Dillingham was doing, though, was complying with an order that President Trump issued.

Last week, the Office of Inspector General released a report saying workers in the Census Bureau were under “significant pressure” from two of the president’s appointees. They were being forced to use state and federal administrative records to compile a report on the number of illegal immigrants in the United States.

One whistleblower who was quoted by the Associated Press said the work was “statistically indefensible.”

In response to that report, Dillingham said:

“From what I understand, the reported whistleblower concerns appear to be misunderstandings regarding the planned process for the review and potential postings of data, and the agreed upon need to apply data quality standards.”

That wasn’t enough to convince liberals, though. Following the release of the IG report, Democrats were joined by many civil rights organizations demanding that Dillingham resign from his post. He ended that project following the report.

Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York, who chairs the House Oversight and Reform Committee, criticized Dillingham, saying:

“Rather than ensure an accurate count, Dr. Dillingham appears to have acceded repeatedly to the Trump Administration’s brazen efforts to politicize the Census.”

California Democratic Representative Judy Chu joined in on the fun, saying:

“He must resign. If he doesn’t resign, then President Biden would have to immediately replace him with a census director who can oversee the completion of the 2020 census.”

Democrats seem to be worried that the Trump administration is going to manipulate census data for “political gain,” according to a report from Politico.

The Associated Press further explained some troubles the Trump administration was having regarding the census count:

“Trump’s first directive, issued in 2019, instructed the Census Bureau to use administrative records to figure out who is in the country illegally after the Supreme Court blocked the citizenship question. In the second directive last year, Trump instructed the Census Bureau to provide data that would allow his administration to exclude people in the U.S. illegally from the numbers used for divvying up congressional seats among the states.

“Trump’s unprecedented order on apportionment was challenged in more than a half-dozen lawsuits around the U.S., but the Supreme Court ruled last month that any challenge was premature.”