Catholic Leader SLAMS Kamala Harris for Anti-Catholic Rhetoric

( Ashley McGuire, a senior fellow at The Catholic Association, told Breitbart News this week that Kamala Harris is the “ringleader of the anti-Catholic bullying that increasingly defines the Democrat party.” McGuire made it clear that Harris is no friends of Catholics and has been responsible for much of the hatred towards Catholics coming from the most radical members of the Democratic Party.

During the interview, McGuire focused on the way that Harris treated U.S. District Court nominee Brian C. Buescher. Harris, along with her colleague Senator Mazie Hirono, said that Buescher shouldn’t be considered for the rule because he was a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Ben Shapiro talked about this in-depth during a recent episode of his show, describing just how vitriolic Harris was about how the Knights of Columbus defends Catholic values relating to life.

If you don’t remember what happened, Harris and Hirono both asked Buescher about his membership of the group and asked if he would be able to “fairly and impartially” rule on issues relating to same-sex marriage and abortion. What they really meant, of course, was whether he would be willing to rule in favor of leftist ideas or not.

Harris said that the Knights of Columbus was “opposed to a woman’s right to choose” and “marriage equality” – both terms created by leftists to refer to abortion and gay marriage – and asked whether he knew this when he joined. As if that’s a bad thing.

Following the hearing, the Knights of Columbus penned an open letter referencing the claims by Hirono and Harris that their organization promotes “extreme” beliefs and said that they are “not grounded in any truth.”

McGuire told Breitbart that Kamala Harris has “built a career out of opposing the work and values of Catholics, harshly prosecuting a whistleblower for exposing Planned Parenthood’s criminal sale of aborted baby body parts and supporting efforts to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to violate their beliefs and provide employees with abortion pills, for example.”

McGuire pondered what she might do in an “elevated position of power” and said that she found it “disappointing to see Joe Biden tout his Catholic faith while picking ash is running mate someone who has made her anti-Catholic bona fides clear.”

How many Catholics do you think are going to vote for this awful ticket in November?