Carson: Democrats Want To “Punish” Trump With Impeachment

( Ben Carson, the legendary neurosurgeon, former presidential candidate, and Housing and Urban Development Secretary under the Trump Administration, Ben Carson. Said on Tuesday that Democrats are using impeachment to “punish” President Donald Trump.

The popular conservative, who formed a friendship with President Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries, told Fox News that Democrats simply wanted to punish the former president and were behaving like a “bunch of third graders.”

Those are harsh words for Ben Carson, who is known for being one of the most polite political figures in the country.

“What is a little troubling is people are always finding ways to stir up the problem so that we take our eyes off of the real issue,” he said. “We will never solve problems if we keep pointing fingers at each other saying, ‘You did this. You did that. Now I must retaliate against you.’”

Carson added that the upcoming impeachment hearing against former President Donald Trump, which is totally unprecedented and even unconstitutional, “makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

Carson then echoed the exact argument made by Republican Senator Rand Paul.

“The man’s already out of office, and yet we’re spending all this time and effort on that because we must punish him,” he said.

Senator Paul recently voted along with 45 Republican Senators that impeaching a former president is unconstitutional.

Carson described the behavior from Democrats as like a “bunch of third graders” and that that it’s “so, so tiring.”

On January 21, Carson responded to more vitriol from left-wing activists. After TV host Jimmy Kimmel joked that Carson needed to be woken up to remind him he needs to clear out his office, Carson reminded him that he had spent years fighting for the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.

He then asked Kimmel if he could come on his show to talk about how “compassionate, conservative solutions could help solve [your] city’s homelessness crisis.”

Needless to say, Kimmel ignored him.