British Man Bets $5 Million On Trump Victory, Biggest Political Wager In History

( A British businessman has reportedly made the biggest political wager in history, putting a massive $5 million on President Donald Trump winning his re-election campaign. The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper, reported this week that an unnamed man placed a bet on President Trump winning with 37/20 odds.

Those odds mean a $20 wager would give a gambler a $57 return if they win. If the unnamed businessman wins, he’s looking at a return of $14,250,000.

Reports suggest that the man placed the bet after he consulted with “Trump camp insiders,” suggesting that people familiar with the campaign believed that the president was on track to win the election despite the polls suggesting otherwise. Hardly a remote possibility, given the surprise win in 2016.

Bookmaker announced in a press release that their client could win a profit of $9,250,000 if the president wins.

A “betting industry source” who spoke to the Sun said that word of the bet has “done the rounds” and that they believe it is the “biggest ever” bet made on politics.

Incredibly, another similarly huge bet was made in the UK last week – but for Joe Biden. The $1 million bet is just one-fifth of the wager made for President Trump, but is still extremely substantial.

Gambling on the results of elections is legal in the United Kingdom and very common.

British politician Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party and the former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party that helped deliver the referendum result in 2016 that led to the UK leaving the European Union, also placed a bet on Trump’s re-election.

Farage bet £10,000 GBP on Trump’s re-election.

“Still feeling confident,” he said.

“I won on Brexit and Trump in 2016 and I’m going double or quits!” he added, posing in Washington, D.C.