Bloomberg Says He Doesn’t Disagree With Trump Policy…Just “The Way He’s Doing It”

( – If you needed more evidence that Michael Bloomberg is really just bitter that Donald Trump became president and not him, and that he’s only running as a Democrat because Trump is a Republican, then this is it. The former mayor of New York City told Fox News on Monday that he doesn’t actually disagree with much of President Trump’s policies, but just the way he goes about running the government.

During a Fox News town hall, Bloomberg said, “a lot of my criticisms of Donald Trump are not his policies, it’s the way he’s doing it.” Bloomberg appeared to be referencing the president’s policies on trade with China, as well as his ongoing talks with North Korea.

Host Martha MacCallum asked Bloomberg about potential areas of agreement, saying, “In the beginning of your answer, it also sounded like you agreed with President Trump pressuring [China] in terms of getting a new trade deal.”

To which Bloomberg responded, saying much of his criticism are about Trump’s style.

“But I think a lot of Americans agree we should say to China, ‘No, you cannot do this or we’re going to do it to you as well,’” he added.

“I think talks to North Korea – Winston Churchill once said ‘Jaw-jaw is better than to war-war.’ There’s no reason not to talk. I don’t think you’re going to make a lot of progress, but I’d certainly rather have a dialogue than no dialogue.”

Bloomberg’s suggestion that the president has actually made the right decisions is remarkably different from what every other major Democratic candidate is saying in this race. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren continue to push this narrative that everything President Trump does is wrong and that he is the most dangerous president in history.

What’s more, Bloomberg is an avowed capitalist who makes no apologies for being a billionaire. He’s already rubbed Elizabeth Warren up the wrong way on stage, and it’s likely hardcore socialist Democrats will turn out in force to give Bernie Sanders the best possible chance of winning.

Only time will tell whether the Democrats are willing to nominate someone who doesn’t think every move the president makes is bad.