BLM Threatens & Harasses Oregon Diners, DEMAND Allegiance In the Streets

( Far-left extremist Black Lives Matter activists threatened and intimidated shoppers and diners in Oswego, Oregon, on Sunday. The left-wing extremists, who oppose President Donald Trump and overwhelmingly support the Democrats, demanded that suburban shoppers stop and pledge their allegiance to their radical movement.

Footage shows the extremists marching through the streets with signs, chanting along the way.

In other footage, the dangerous extremists can also be heard chanting, “hey hey ho ho, President Trump has got to go.”

The city of Oswego lies just eight miles to the south of Portland, the Oregon city tat has seen arguably the worst violence and extremist riots since the death of George Floyd. The city is currently also choosing between a Democratic mayoral candidate and another candidate who openly supports Antifa in a runoff election.

Oswego has 40,000 residents and is considered one of the wealthier suburbs surrounding the city. The weekend’s events show that far-left extremists are now moving their protests out of the main cities and into the wealthy suburbs to terrorize homeowners and families.

The protest comes after a group called Moms United for Black Lives publicly said that they would “f*ck sh*t up in Lake Oswego.”

According to local outlet KGW8, roughly 100 people took to the streets to protest through residential neighborhoods.

Video footage showed how the protesters demanded diners and shoppers to show their allegiance and raise their fists in solidarity, a tactic used by far-left extremists in other cities.

One person can be seen using a bullhorn and shouting at somebody walking by, asking, “Excuse me sir, are you anti-racists? Can I get a Black Lives Matter?”

The woman then went on to ask other people, before narrowing in on a woman who was sitting on her own at a table outside a restaurant. As the woman looked uncomfortable, the extremist activists started intimidating her, saying, “Look how miserable you look! Look how miserable she looks!”