BLM Leader REFUSES to Answer Questions About Looting, Rioting on Fox News

( An interview with Black Lives Matter leader Hank Newsome was cut off on Fox News on Tuesday after he refused to answer questions about the looting and rioting that have become synonymous with BLM protests. Newsome has previously appeared on Fox News, most famously suggesting that BLM will “burn down” the American system if they are not given what they want.

Fox anchor Martha MacCallum ended the interviews on Tuesday after Newsome refused to answer questions about the illegal activity committed by so many members of the Black Lives Matter protests. MacCallum asked Newsome if he agreed with a quote from a speaker at a BLM rally in Chicago recently, which said:

“I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that person has clothes. That’s reparations. That is reparations,” the BLM activist claimed.

Newsome struggled to respond or defend the question, saying, “Well, let’s, um, so we are moving on past Rudy Guiliani and moving into looting and a form of reparation.”

He was clearly unhappy about the question, saying, “But let’s be very careful Martha, let’s be very careful and I’d appreciate if you let me speak…Let’s be very careful. The problem with oppression and white supremacy is, white supremacy will have you criticizing the oppressed and worshipping the oppressors.”

That doesn’t sound like an answer to me. Does it?

“Now, if you want to talk to me about reparations, nothing falls short of a solution other than people cutting a check,” he added. Newsome went on to say that people who support reparations should start cutting checks to black people, and clarified that he wants to see banks who benefitted from slaveries and insurance companies doing the same.

MacCallum interrupted and said that she listened to him, but still expects him to answer the question. She asked again if he believed the idea of looting is ethical, and Newsome once again avoided answering.

“Okay. Okay. And before I answer that, I want to ask you this, do you think it’s okay that America kills people in their homes like Breonna Taylor and our politicians do not do anything about it?” he asked, completely avoiding the question yet again.

MacCallum asked again, which prompted Newsome to ask MacCallum if she supported people profiting off the backs of slaves.

Does Newsome not realize that slavery no longer exists in the United States?

MacCallum ultimately ended the interview, as he repeatedly refused to answer one simple question. It almost makes you think that maybe he does in fact support it…