Big Company To Remove Term “Men” From Bath Products

( International soap brand Radox will reportedly remove the phrase “for men” from a muscle therapy bath soak that was designed…for men.

The brand plans on removing the phrase from one of its many soap product ranges for men, saying that it is “completely inappropriate in today’s society.”

The Daily Mail reports how Radox received “dozens” of complaints about the phrasing on the brand, with one complaint reportedly asking, “Don’t women get sore muscles Radox? Or are they just for men?”

Unilever, the umbrella company that owns Radox, said that they now plan to remove the label but that the term “for men” would remain on some of their shower gel products. At least, for now.

The term “for men” is often used on soap products to distinguish between floral and scented products, and soap products that either lack a distinctive smell or which smell more masculine. But that’s sexism now, apparently.

Mark Lehain, a representative of an organization called “Campaign for Common Sense,” said that Radox can “Brand their products any way they like – but they should also trust their customers to use their own common sense when buying stuff.”

“I’m a middle-aged guy and not averse to some ‘feel heavenly’ bubbles every now and again – and there will be plenty of women who can look past a ‘for men’ brand and enjoy a muscle soak.”


Social justice warriors, it seems, can’t look past gender when it comes to soap bottles.

The Daily Mail also reported how another customer asked, “Does it matter? As long as it smells of what you want it to and does the job just use it.”

A spokesperson for Radox recently confirmed the change.

“We can confirm we’re removing the ‘for men’ label from the packaging of our Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak whilst continuing to use it on some of our shower gel range,” the spokesperson said.

“At Radox we always try to design products that clearly explain their benefits and how they make you feel and smell, and have a wide range of products available that can be used by both men and women,” the statement continued.

The secret that SJWs don’t seem to understand is that nobody is stopping a woman using “for men” products. Just saying.