Biden’s COVID Plans REVEALED: Mass Surveillance, MORE Government, Mask Mandates

( After refusing to offer much in the way of specifics during the campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team has now revealed his shocking plans for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Biden, who has been declared the winner but the mainstream press but who has not yet officially won the election, appears to be planning mass surveillance, mask mandates, and the formation of new government agencies.

A Democrats pushing for more government to interfere with our lives. Who could have guests?

In the new seven-point plan pushed by Biden’s team, a mask mandate will force Americans to cover their face as soon as they lose their home. Biden’s administration, should he be able to form one, would work with governors to enforce the new mandatory mask mandates and force local authorities to do the same.

Biden originally said during the campaign that he would force states to comply, but quickly realized that would be unconstitutional.

If you live in a Democrat-run state, you should probably expect to be forced to wear a mask under Biden’s America.

The scary plans also said that they will “double the number of drive-through testing sites” through the formation of a new Pandemic Testing Board. There will also be a drive to hire 100,000 Americans to be part of the US Public Health Jobs Corps, which will engage in a mass surveillance program.

The Biden team says that it will “perform culturally competent approaches to contact tracing and protecting at-risk populations,” which is a nice word for tracing your every move.

And, unsurprisingly, Biden will do what President Donald Trump refused to do, and give huge sums of money for states that have been badly run by Democrats for years. It would effectively be a massive bailout for states that wasted money for years, and massive cash injections will be made under the guise of solving COVID.

Don’t forget the World Health Organization, too. The Biden team plans on rejoining and refunding the organization, which was reported to be complicit in the initial cover-up of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

More government. More spending on failed Democrat states. More money for Chinese-linked organizations. Sounds exactly like what the Republicans said he would do, right?