Biden Sends Bombers To Middle East In Reckless Act Of Harassment

( It only took President Joe Biden a month to start bombing other countries, and now new reports have revealed that the president sent two B-52 nuclear-capable bombers to fly over the Middle East.

It comes as the relationship between the United States and Iran worsens, with the terrorist-supporting nation refusing to sit down and negotiate with the United States and European Union over the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

United States Central Command (CENTCOM) revealed that the flyover was performed to “deter aggression and reassure partners and allies” over the United States’ commitment to maintaining a presence in the region.

In the final months of President Donald Trump’s administration, he laid out his desire to withdraw thousands of American troops from the Middle East and end the forever wars.

Looks like that isn’t going to happen.

In a statement, CENTCOM said that “Multiple partner nations and U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft accompanied the U.S. bombers are different points during the flight, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.”

Does this sound like President Biden is making progress with his plans to negotiate with Iran?

CENTCOM also attempted to paint the flyover as a routine operation, stating that they often move “aircraft and personnel into, out of, and around the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility to meet mission requirements, and to train with regional partners, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships.”

The Israeli Defence Forces published photographers of the F-15 fighter jets escorting American B-52 bombers over Israeli airspace.

“This flight is part of the joint strategic cooperation with US forces, which is pivotal in maintaining the security of Israeli and Middle Eastern Skies,” the IDF account said.

Biden has already proven that he is willing to engage in military action, whereas former President Trump used economic sanctions to punish Iran.

Iranian officials have insisted they will not go back to the negotiating table with President Biden unless he immediately lifts those sanctions.