Biden Campaign Refuses Donation From Louis C.K., Who Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Just Like Biden

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has decided to return a campaign donation from a celebrity that he deems isn’t worthy of representing.
That, in and of itself, isn’t huge news. The fact that the celebrity has been accused of doing something that Biden, himself, has been accused of is news.
The celebrity in question is Louis C.K., a pretty well-known comedian who was accused back in 2017 of sexual misconduct. The comedian was accused of five different allegations of sexual misconduct. He masturbated in front of his accusers, according to a New York Times article.
Louis C.K. admitted to the accusations, and apologized for his actions. After his quick rise in comedy, his career seemed to have come to a crashing halt. He became a focal point of the MeToo movement that centered around movie producer Harvey Weinstein.
Back on March 4 of this year, Louis C.K. made a $2,800 donation to the Biden campaign for presidency, Federal Election Commission records show. Last Wednesday, though, the Biden campaign announced it would refund the full amount of the comedian’s donation — apparently because of the sexual misconduct.
Of course, Biden himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by one of his former staffers, Tara Reade. Reade has accused Biden of assaulting her in 1993 while she was working in his office when he was a senator. Biden and his campaign have thoroughly denied the allegation on multiple occasions.
Reade said she can’t remember the exact date of the assault in question. But it surfaced last week that Reade’s mother made a phone call anonymously to the Larry King Live show on CNN in August of 1993.
Last week, Reade even went as far as filing a criminal complaint against Biden with the police in Washington, D.C. While it’s impossible to prosecute Biden for the incident at this point because the statute of limitations has passed, the police have decided to open an investigation anyway.
A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., recently commented to the Washington Examiner:
“This is an active, ongoing investigation, and there are no further details to provide at this time. Cases that are handled by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Sexual Assault Unit go through a multi-review prior to being assigned a disposition. This case is progressing through the review process.”
Reade’s full allegation accuses Biden of pushing her up against the wall and then penetrating her with his fingers.
When she filed her complaint, Reade said she wasn’t expecting the police department to do too much, since she already knew the statute of limitations had expired. She also said she didn’t have any plans to sue Biden in civil court, which she could still do in Washington, D.C. That area has removed all statute of limitations on any cases involving sex crimes.
While nothing much legally is expected to happen to Biden as a result of this allegation, it is a potential knock on his campaign, which is seeking to distance itself from any people accused of similar misconduct apparently.