Biden Again Shows He’s A Hypocrite With Comments About Title IX Changes

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Joe Biden intends to immediately reverse a ruling issued by Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, that increases protections for students accused of sexual assault on university campuses.
The new rule requires universities to allow for the cross-examination of students who have brought forth a sexual assault claim, and also narrows the definition of what sexual harassment is. This rule is meant to ensure those who are accused of committing sexual assault are given due process.
In a statement, DeVos said:
“Too many students have lost access to their education because their school inadequately responded when a student filed a complaint of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This new regulation requires schools to act in meaningful ways to support survivors of sexual misconduct, without sacrificing important safeguards to ensure a fair and transparent process. We can and must continue to fight sexual misconduct in our nation’s schools, and this rule makes certain that fight continues.”
Rule changes that were implemented during the Obama administration robbed students of due process, Trump administration officials have said. Instead of being assumed innocent until proven guilty, the accused were forced to operate under an assumption of guilt, which therefore robbed them of basic rights including the right to question the evidence being brought against them or question their accusers.
Biden, though, doesn’t see it that way. He said this new rule was an effort by the Trump administration to “shame and silence” survivors of sexual assault. He said:
“It’s wrong. And, it will be put to a quick end in January 2021, because as president, I’ll be right where I always have been throughout my career — on the side of survivors, who deserve to have their voices heard, their claims taken seriously and investigated, and their rights upheld.
“Survivors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and when they step forward they should be heard, not silenced.”
It’s another very strange comment from Biden who he himself is facing sexual assault allegations from a former staffer, Tara Reade. The former vice president thinks it’s “wrong” that the accused be given a chance to defend themselves and says survivors need “to have their voices heard.” At the same time, though, he and other Democrats are taken the innocent-until-proven-guilty stance for him, in a way shaming and silencing Reade, his accuser.
That point didn’t escape Erin Perrine, who serves as the principal deputy communications director for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. She said:
“Before Tara Reade’s assault accusations, Biden was unwavering in a presumption of guilt for the accessed including Brett Kavanaugh. That presumption of guilt included the disastrous Title IX regulations under the Obama-Biden administration, making it more difficult on college campuses for the accused to receive a fair hearing and their due process rights.
“Does Joe still stand by his presumption of guilt for the accused — or has he set a new standard for himself in the face of his own sexual assault accusations from a former staffer?”