Barron Trump’s Attacker Getting Position In Biden Administration (REPORT)

( Pamela Karlan, who once made a sick and twisted public attack against the young son of President Donald Trump, Barron Trump, has been appointed by President Joe Biden to serve in the Justice Department.

Karlan, who is a law professor at Stanford University and appeared as a Trump impeachment witness, hit headlines in December 2019 for invoking young Barron Trump while advocating for the first impeachment of the former president.

“I’ll just give you one example that shows you the difference between him and a king, which is, the Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility,” she said. “So while the president can name his son ‘Barron,’ he can’t make him a Baron.”

The comment was hugely controversial even among some Democrats.

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz hit back hard at Karlan’s comments, too.

“When you invoke the president son’s name here, when you try to make a little joke out of referencing Barron Trump, that does not lend credibility to your argument,” he said. “It makes you look mean.”

Probably because they are mean…

Politico reported this week that Karlan, who served on Facebook’s independent oversight board, had resigned from her role at the social media company and will now join the civil rights division of the Justice Department.

Facebook board spokesperson John Taylor said that Karlan’s “legal and civil rights expertise played an important part in shaping the Board and we’re grateful for her contributions.”

Karlan was also previously the deputy assistant attorney general for voting rights within the Justice Department during the Obama administration.

So it’s yet another example of President Biden bringing back the Obama-era swamp…