AOC Now Wants To BAN Fracking…Nationwide!

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the freshman congresswoman and far-left firebrand that has dragged the Democratic Party swiftly to the left. Ocasio-Cortez hit headlines when she proposed her insane “Green New Deal” that would end air travel, and now she’s planning a whole new green offensive.

This time, she wants to ban fracking…nationwide.

On Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez introduced a bill that would ban fracking across the United States, potentially proving a difficult sticking point for Democratic candidates desperately trying to maintain a balancing act between far-left radicalism and appearing moderate to the normal electorate.

In a Tweet on Wednesday evening, Ocasio-Cortez wrote, “Fracking is destroying our land and our water. It is wreaking havoc on our communities’ health.”

The socialist politicians also said, “We must do our job to protect our future from the harms caused by the fracking industry. That is why I am proud to introduce the Fracking Ban Act with @RepDarrenSoto today.”

Rep. Darren Soto, the sponsor of the bill, represents Central Florida’s 9th District. On the same day, he retweeted an article from Rolling Stone that suggested fracking is connected to increased risks of asthma.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders already introduced a different version of the bill to the Senate in January, in collaboration with Ocasio-Cortez. At the time, he wrote, “I don’t want the dirty fracking industry CEOs to know what hit them.”

The bill was immediately condemned by the American Petroleum Institute. A representative of the group explained, “Banning a safe successful method of developing energy would erase a generation of American energy progress and in the process destroy millions of U.S. jobs, spike household energy costs and hurt farmers and manufacturers.”

Let’s hope AOC has a plan to replace all that lost energy!