AOC Introduces Bill to Stop “Secret Police” In Portland, Despite There Being…No Secret Police

( Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is very good at spinning a tale, but that’s all they are. Tales. The far-left congresswoman from New York, who has supported the insane idea of defunding the police since its inception, is preparing to bring forward legislation that would stop secret police officers from arresting people in the streets.

Her bill comes as Democrats claim secret police officers are anonymously arresting violent protesters and rioters on the streets of Portland, but…that isn’t happening.

“The United States of America should not have secret police,” AOC claimed. “Federal law enforcement officers should have their identifying information displayed while on duty.”

Ocasio-Cortez made the claim on Twitter, explaining how she is introducing legislation to make it law for officers to wear identification.

The problem? They already do. And it was proven this week.

Acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, recently appeared with the Commissioner of the Customers and Border Protection Agency, Mark Morgan, to discuss this very topic. Morgan explained that media reports claiming officers in Portland are not identifying themselves are wrong. He showed journalists an example uniform worn by federal officers making arrests in Portland, showing that they clearly display the word “POLICE” as well as a badge that identifies them as individuals and as representatives of their respective agencies.

“They have insignia on their uniforms that read police, and they have patches that indicate which agency they are from,” he explained. “These officers are not military. I’ve seen inaccurate press reporting accusing them of being military. They are not military. They are civilian police officers.”

AOC’s new bill, however, completely disregards this. It’s called the “Law Enforcement Identification Transparency Act of 2020” and it gives agencies 90 days from the bill being enacted to make changes that they…don’t need to make.

The bill says that the Inspector General of the Department of Justice will conduct audits to ensure that agencies are complying with the new policy, too. In short, it’s yet another government regulation that isn’t needed and just creates more work for the government to do. It’s all pointless.

Do you think AOC knows this is unnecessary, or do you think she really believes the fake narrative she’s pushing?