America May Be Plunged Into Second Lockdown Under President Joe Biden

( If Joe Biden is elected president, the United States could be forced into new lockdowns – if Europe’s current lockdown measures are anything to go by.

During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden also repeatedly said that he would be willing to shut down the country and national economy is advisors tell him to do so.

As it stands, Joe Biden has been announced as the president-elect by most mainstream media outlets, though the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits. That means the results are not set in stone. Should Biden be elected, however, he will likely move forward with his plan to encourage governors to implement mask mandates nationwide.

Biden initially said that he would force the nation to wear masks, but upon realizing that his idea was unconstitutional, promised that he would encourage governors to implement the decisions themselves. Should the governors not comply, Biden may also move ahead with plans to take federal action that forces people to wear masks on federal property – including on highways.

On Thursday, the United Kingdom entered its second lockdown. Until December 2, restaurants and bars are closed, unnecessary travel is banned, and overnight stays in hotels are only allowed for people traveling for work or appointments.

In Germany, similar rules have been put in place. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday a new lockdown that was branded “lockdown light.”

President Donald Trump vowed to the American people that he would not put in place a national lockdown, and would protect American freedom. However, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to do the opposite if he considers it necessary.

If Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, America could be heading towards a national lockdown.