Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Should Launch A New Media Platform


Former President Donald Trump is already planning on starting his own social media platform. But, Alan Dershowitz thinks he should take it one step further.

Speaking on Newsmax TV Monday, Dershowitz said Trump was “right” to consider creating his own full-blown media platform, because “you create your own news platform and let the market prevail.”

Appearing on the “American Agenda” program, Dershowitz said:

“What Donald Trump is doing is the right thing. How do you compete in the marketplace of ideas under our First Amendment? You can’t shut down the opposing side, you create your new media. You open up your new media company. You create your own news platform and let the market prevail.

“People want to read the Times, you read the Times. People want to read the Trump, they can read the Trump.”

Dershowitz also talked about media platforms’ move in recent years to silence any voices or opinions that aren’t in agreement with their agenda. This has led to far-left viewpoints on mainstream media and even on social media channels.

Trump himself was banned from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year as yet another move by two major big tech companies to silence viewpoints that don’t align with their own.

It’s something that Laurence Silberman, a judge with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, referred to last week. In a statement, he criticized the media as “dangerous” and “very close” to allowing liberals to take total control.

Dershowitz said Silberman’s statement was a “message” about the overall state of media in America. He said:

“I think this is a message to the United States Supreme Court saying look, I, a Reagan appointee, a moderate conservative, cares about the First Amendment, I really think the media has gone too far and they are controlled by the hard left. And he attributes it to academia. He says academia is so far-left today and they’re graduating these young people who are taking over the newsrooms and the editorials rooms of all the media, and the media is becoming the Democratic Party, and that’s not the way the marketplace of ideas is supposed to operate.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have Walter Cronkite today. We don’t have somebody you can turn to today who has the respect of all sides of the political spectrum for simply telling the neutral, objective truth, and that’s what Judge Silberman was saying, and he is correct.”

Dershowitz was later asked about The Washington Post issuing a recent correction in a story they wrote about the election’s investigator in Georgia and Trump. He responded:

“Newspapers are not obligated to correct themselves. CNN never corrects itself. Most of the times I sent letters to the New York Times correcting stories that I’ve been in, I haven’t even gotten acknowledgment that they received the letter, and they just moved forward.

“And so the way to respond is in the marketplace. The answer to falsehood is truth, and the answer to things you disagree with is to come up and create your own media.”