Alan Dershowitz Says Supreme Court Might Rule To Let Legislators Pick Alternate Electors

( High-profile attorney Alan Dershowitz weighed in on the president’s battle to ensure election integrity in recent days, suggesting that he believes the Supreme Court could get involved in deciding whether state legislators have the power to take back control of choosing the presidential electors.

Dershowitz, during an interview on Fox News, said that he thinks it’s perfectly possible that the Supreme Court would side with the Trump legal team in their assertion that legislators have the right to choose presidential electors, which could ultimately see President Trump re-elected as a result of the evidence of widespread voter fraud.

“There certainly is probably cause for investigating and looking further,” Dershowitz said. “Giuliani has made very serious accusations. The question is which institution is designed constitutionally to look into it? Is it the state legislature? Is it the courts? Is the clock running in such a way that there won’t be time to look into this?”

The presidential electors are set to vote on December 14 during the Electoral College meeting, though the president’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have both said that the only deadline they need to constitutionally meet is January 20, the day a new president is inaugurated.

“The American public wants to know, is Giuliani correct or isn’t he correct?” Dershowitz added. “I don’t know whether we’ll find that out in time for the meeting of the Electoral College votes.”

The fact that these legal cases could take months or years to pan out means that the Supreme Court siding with the Trump campaign on the matter of whether state legislatures can choose electors is important. It would allow state senators to overrule the certification of the election results and appoint electors based on what the evidence shows happened – notably, widespread election fraud – or based on the current makeup of the parties in the state legislatures.

All of this is Constitutionally permittable and perfectly normal.

Dershowitz was also asked about the evidence shown by Giuliani in a series of evidentiary hearings in recent weeks, including CCTV footage and thousands of sworn affidavits.

“These are retail evidence that have to be determined to be true by cross-examination and witnesses,” Dershowitz responded.

Despite the evidence, Democrat-appointed judges have already thrown out several cases put to them by the president’s lawyers, private citizens, and other elected officials. Now it’s down to the Supreme Court to determine whether the state legislatures can take back control and stop a corrupt election electing a corrupt new president.