71% of D.C. Police Officers CONSIDERING LEAVING In Wake of BLM Riots & Dem Capitulation

(PatriotHeadline.com)- A new survey suggests that a majority of police officers working in Washington D.C. are considering leaving their role, following the total abandonment of the city by the city’s Democratic mayor. The Police Union survey of D.C. members that was published on Thursday showed that 71% of the 600 respondents are thinking about leaving their role I the Metropolitan Police Department.

A statement from the D.C. Police Union said that the survey was conducted on Tuesday and found a majority were considering leaving their jobs. Of the 71% who said they may leave, some 25% said that they are thinking about retiring early. A further 35% said they were actively seeking work at other law enforcement agencies. Some 39% said they are thinking about not just leaving their job in D.C. law enforcement, but considering leaving law enforcement completely.

The survey was held in response to emergency legislation that was passed last week by the D.C. Council which has been widely criticized by the police unions. Representatives of law enforcement officers said that they new legislation, which as of June 19 was not signed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, would have “wide ranging negative impacts to the working condition of police officers in the District.”

The D.C. Police Union said the changes would have “far reaching effects on hiring and attritition.”

While the law was yet to be signed by Mayor Bowser, it was also backed y a veto-proof majority, meaning it looks like it will be going ahead.

The bill would put an end to employees’ collective bargaining rights and make it more difficult for law enforcement officers to charge a suspect with the crime of assaulting a police officer. This could, in turn, give criminals more of a reason to resist arrest or assault police officers to increase their chances of successfully resisting arrest. The legislation would also stop footage from body cams being able to be used in evidence.

The D.C. Police Union also described how t he bill changes the language in force policy in a way that was so confusing “even the Councilmembers could not figure out the intent or the impact of the language.”

When will Democrats realize that making it harder for police officers to do their job safely will result in fewer people wanting to do the job?