Former Schumer Aids Wants Dems To Be More “Aggressive”

( – During an interview on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle, a former aide to the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said it’s time the Democrats “get in the mud” with their opponent.

On Wednesday, Chris Hahn said that Democrats were not aggressive enough in their fight against President Donald Trump, saying:

“You know, sometimes you’ve got to get in the mud with your opponent in this is a president who’s going to be in the mud, throwing mud.”

Hahn went further, saying:

“Nothing seems to affect [Trump], nobody wants to take him head-on. I think Eric Holder was right. When they go low, we kick them. I agree it’s time for more of that from the left because the president is a fighter. He is a street fighter and doesn’t back down from a fight. And it’s time for us to start fighting back. That is what’s going to happen.”

Hahn’s comments were metaphorical but come at a time when Democrats and far-left activists are increasingly violent. This week, an Arizona State University student was captured on film shouting “Slash Republican throats” in response to President Trump’s acquittal on the articles of impeachment. ASU police confirmed on Wednesday night that the video was being investigated.

On February 3rd, a far-left activist was caught on camera threatening Republican congressional candidate John Dennis, who is running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the video, the activist can be heard saying:

“Bruh I’mma catch you when all the cameras aren’t around and I’m gonna f*** you up!”

The activist also said that he wanted to see the congressional candidate dead.

Conservative author and commentator Dan Bongino appeared on the same segment of the Ingraham Angle and took Hahn to task over the comments, asking if he had been “eating THC brownies before the show.”

Bongino asked, “They [the Democrats] weren’t willing to take on President Trump and Trump is the one taking the low road?”

After Nancy Pelosi’s stunt following Trump’s State of the Union Address, Democrats are finding it increasingly difficult to attack the president’s character.

10 thoughts on “Former Schumer Aids Wants Dems To Be More “Aggressive”

  1. I had hoped that the dems.would have learned their shams ,lies, back stabbing, and railroading doesn’t change facts. You and your socialism goes after children. Talk about cages
    Your so called college education is brain washing. Trump 2020 save America.

  2. Nazi-commie-Antifa socialist democraps are already over the top asz aggressive liars.
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  3. dem politicians get anymore aggressive , we the people will have to start taking them down ourselves as they are becoming domestic terrorists with their own needs in mind instead of the Nations people!

    1. Oh, I hope so you bunch of pu$$ies, I’d love to get it on with you Hahn, your smirk would be gone along with that sh!t eatin grin, I’d hit you and any of those piece of sh!t friends of yours so hard google wouldn’t be able to find your sorry A$$’E$! You want to go at it? That would be your last mistake you fkn pu$$y!

  4. Democrats Communists has lost there minds, they can’t run nothing but their big mouths, Democrats don’t understand nothing but fight people they will never win the election, Bloomberg is dummer than a trash can, I don’t worry about him winning. If Democrats does much more they are all going to be lock up they are being watched closers than they think.

  5. Chris is a moron I don’t understand why Fox even puts this guy on
    He never makes any sense and has no idea what he is talking about
    please Fox news remove Chris from your programming

  6. If the dems and their followers get any more in the mud, they will be out of sight- maybe that is where they need to be. I have followed politics since Eisenhower and have some real “deals”, but nothing like these people. They care more about themselves (not party) than the people who elected (deplorables).

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