Even Yang Admits Voters Won’t Trust Dems With Power

(PatriotHeadline.com) – Andrew Yang is one of the most interesting candidates for president on the Democrat side, which is why he ultimately won’t be the candidate.

The businessman and advocate for universal income has admitted that his party has some serious flaws and that voters might not trust them to govern following the disaster in the Iowa caucus. Many Republican commentators have taken to social media to exclaim that the Democrats can’t even handle a caucus, let alone a country, and Yang appears to be echoing the sentiment.

During a CNN town hall, Yang was pressed on the issue. With his campaign slogan “Math,” presenter Don Lemon asked if he had offered to help the Democrats do the math in the Iowa count.

“Oh my gosh, one reason I am pumped to be here in New Hampshire is you all are going to vote February 11th, and do you know when we’re going to find out the results? February 11th!” Yang said.

He went on to say that he “feels” for the Democrats and Iowa voters, but also said that the disaster was a shot in the foot by the party if the whole thing had been avoidable.

“And it’s going to be harder to convince Americans that we can entrust massive systems with government if we can’t count votes on the same night in a way that’s clear, transparent, and reliable.”

The results of the Iowa caucus were delayed by days, causing speculation that it might have been an attempt by the Democrats to steal the nomination from socialist Bernie Sanders. Ultimately Sanders won, by a narrow margin, but only after the chairman of the Democratic National Committee called for the entire thing to be recanvassed and started again.

Yang has long been a dissident Democrat, refusing to condemn Trump voters. He may well be the candidate who could best take on Trump, but let’s face it, the Democrats won’t let that happen.

14 thoughts on “Even Yang Admits Voters Won’t Trust Dems With Power

  1. The Democrats can’t be trusted! Period! They are dirty, rotten, spoiled brats! Rotten to the core! I’ll never vote for another one again! The president is going to win by a landslide this November!

  2. Look what the DemocRATS have done for three years NOTHING, except collecting over 1/2 million dollars! Were they successful, no but they think the tax payers are the suckers! They have lied and lied and lied, they followed the worst liar in the history of the House, SCHIFF and that is going to be what his legacy will be! The problem is he was a terrible liar!

  3. Yang has dropped out which proves Democraps don’t want someone with even a minute amount of Sense in the White House. I can’t say brains because the Entire Party combined has not even the smallest amount of brain tissue anywhere in their bodies.

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