Elizabeth Warren Fawns Over “Honorable” Romney

(PatriotHeadline.com) – Mitt Romney’s decision to vote against the president, in favor of removing him from office, has gained him lots of support from the Democrats. Amazing, really, given they considered him the Devil incarnate during the 2012 race!

The most recent unlikely Romney supporter is Elizabeth Warren, the ultra-progressive and (allegedly) part-Native American candidate running on the Woke ticket.

When asked her opinion of Romney’s decision to vote against President Trump, Warren fawned and said she thought it was the “right thing to do.”

“I thought I was listening to a decent and honorable man who stood up and did the right thing,” she added.

Presumably, Warren didn’t think that way during Romney’s run for president, making it perfectly clear that this is little more than political posturing. If Romney is an enemy of Trump, he’s a friend of Elizabeth Warren. Even if he is an ultra-religious Mormon and Warren a radical liberal!

On February 6th, the Washington Post reported that Democrats were “moved to tears” by the Republican Senator. Romney had given an eight-minute speech in which he calmly described why he believed that the president was guilty. He played on his religion and presented himself as an honorable Republican who was willing to take the punishment and do the right thing.

Democrats might have been moved to tears and choking up, as the Washington Post reported, but Republicans saw it as the latest move in Romney’s war against rival Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to write, “He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the @GOP.”

Following the speech, Romney was labeled a “snake” and “slippery” by Republicans.

On the Senate floor, Romney admitted, “I am aware that there are people in my party and in my state who will strenuously disapprove of my decision, and, in some quarters, I will be vehemently denounced.”

“I am sure to hear abuse from the president and his supporters. Does anyone seriously believe I would consent to these consequences other than from an inescapable conviction that my oath before God demanded it of me?”

Yes, Senator. Many do believe exactly that.

28 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Fawns Over “Honorable” Romney

  1. Awwww… Fauxcahontas. I’m sure little Mittens is very thankful for your 1/1024 support. You wouldn’t recognize honor or the “right thing to do” if it walked up and bit you in the butt.

    1. It’s bitten her in the butt more than once already. But she’s got a titanium butt, so she’s never so much as noticed.

    1. Add Romney into that mix too ! You know you’re a Looser when you give Koodos to Lame Lying Romney ! He and warren are from the same clothe !
      They’ve got A lot in common , Neither will ever be President !

  2. Maybe they should give him the badge of coward! Face it he hates Trump because he didn’t get a big position in the WH. Good thing because after Trump supported him he stabbed him in the back. Trump needs to clean house of all Obama hold overs and those that do not support him. He does need to work with Barr more closely and not tweet things that undermine his ability to do his job. I am sure they will work that out without outside interference by the Democrats and their fake news media. I understand both of their claims and criticism. The Democrats will use any trick in the book to create chaos and confusion if it helps their sham impeachment attempts
    Ex Vet

  3. Iris: Romney is an idiot, and has been for years. He never and will never become President. He thinks he is so intelligent and so poised, he is nothing but an idiot and we don not need to see him in any Conservative operation.
    We give him freely to the DEMS.

  4. According to the DemoRATS there are sets of justice one for them and another for us deplorable
    If they lie, like the endless lying of the CONGENITAL LIAR Schiff it should be forgiven and forgotten and is never a crime. If you are Republican even if you don’t lie or only tell a little
    white lie , you should be in prison for nine years. If you are an enemy of Pres. Trump, you are their
    Hero but if you are a friend of the President, you are evil, be investigated and jailed.I hope
    all you RATS disappear.

  5. This is ONE reason (over many, besides her CONSTANT LYING and HORRIBLE issues that she “champions”) that she is turning into a MISERABLE failure – and the VOTERS see right through her HYPOCRISY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Mitt was miffed…
    He has become an insufferable narcissist.
    Nancy cried her “crocodile tears” about impeachment and threw a party with party favors to show just how solemn the event was…
    What Romney did was worse…
    He played the “God and Conscience” card to justify his premeditated vote…
    Should anyone wonder why so many agnostics and atheists believe Christians are phony?

  7. Liberal Romney doesn’t truly support the Constitution. He has sworn to upon hold and defend the Constitution and violates it by supporting the liberal agenda. He is being dishonest on this why should we believe him now. The Constitution is based on an old Judaeo law where the 12 tribes of Israel existed together. It remained infect until they decided to have a king instead, You can see how well that worked out. I believe the Constitution was given to us by God as a way for us to exist with each other as freemen and to keep the government from abusing our rights and freedoms. Liberalism wants to take that away from us by turning our rights and freedoms over to the control of the government.In sense the the government will become royalty. An example; looks what is happening in Virginia. It is my belief that the greatest gift from God is our free agency. With it comes responsibility and accountability. You loose that with the liberal Agenda. Romney is going to have to decide who he is going to serve because you can’t serve both.

  8. Never Forget. ….Romney THREW the Presidential Race To OBAMA. … Yes, he is what you call a insider turd sandwich. … That needs to be dis-guarded into the trash can. ASAP. … This guy cannot even stand up strong for his Democrat Party? … Instead, he slides in the bushes and pretends to be a Republican? … It appears the only way he can win? … Is by CHEATING? … So, his true Alliance (Democrat Party) can Win something …. again by CHEATING. … Who needs or Wants A Fake Like Romney?

  9. Mormons are not Christians. They invented the thirteenth tribe of Israel and think that Jesus Christ came to America with no archaeological evidence or tradition.

    Fauxcahontas should get back on her broom and go back to her cushy teepee at Harvard law school. A disgrace to her tribe!

  10. This proves Romney LIED to get elected. He also proves that Mormons are in a cult. He also proves what one commenter said about him when he said Romney was a MORON. Personally I don’t give him credit for being even a Trillionth that smart.

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