2020 Olympic Games Committee Finalizes Rule That Has EVERY Lib CRYING On Their KNEES!

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The Western Journal reports, No taking a knee at the Olympics. No hand gestures with political meaning. No disrespect at medal ceremonies. The International Olympic Committee published guidelines Thursday specifying which types of athlete protests will not be allowed at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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15 thoughts on “2020 Olympic Games Committee Finalizes Rule That Has EVERY Lib CRYING On Their KNEES!

  1. Delighted the IOC made this move. Hopefully it will keep such vile, obnoxious, arrogant, pompous, despicable, disgusting, deplorable, destructive, repulsive, revolting, nauseating, pathetic and DANGEROUS unpatriotic lowlifes such as Meghan Rapione from being on another U.S. national team.

  2. About time Kudos to the Olympic Committee We need to have our voices heard also. There are plenty of opportunities to protest peacefully the right place the right time… not at games or awards ceremonies.. that is not what people are interested in It just puts negativity into a positive feel good venue… They should be stripped of any medals or awards if they insist on protesting ..
    RE: Megan Markle.. apparently Hollywood or Tv is her priority that comes first a Duchess second. Harry I guess he is blindsided.. cause if he really did not want royalty he did not need anyones influence to leave royalty . He is a grown man after all… isn’t he???.. Can’t help but wonder the outcome if he had met and married what is considered a ” suitable spouse’ for a royal and .??? Would he still wish to abdicate and why the fairytale wedding Loved the exposure and press coverage then didn’t; they just?? doesn’t matter as she is a divorcee anyway…so.. As for the Queen. well how would you feel and what would you do>>>..>>???

  3. Meghan staying in Canada until Trump is gone… GOOD…!! Take a few other Hollywood and TV coworkers with her.>> Oh wouldn’t that be wonderful?? they should all thank Trump for their jobs… they would have no scripts or material if it weren’t; for Trump. he is making them all a ton of money. and we all know Money Talks… hah!!

    1. Good stay there Meghan..we are sick to death hearing your whining and complaining…we want you to staying Canada….your going to be there a while…you r not anything special to us so do not threaten you won’t leave Canada until Trump is gone…it’s none of your stinking business about our president.

  4. If people like Rapinoe need to be kept out of these games if they cannot support the country they are playing for. This repulsive, despicable “thing” (Rapinoe) or whatever her/it’s name is shouldn’t be allowed within 25 miles of the games.

  5. I’m guessing Prince Harry has been blind sighted by Megan. What part of their future did they not discuss when they were dating? Megan wants or needs full undivided attention as most Hollywood types crave. She’s a Hollywood wannabe without a budget. Poor Harry. Let’s see how many lucrative contracts she signs. She wants to be a world icon for her purposes not royal duties for others.

  6. Get real!! NO liberal is crying on their knees over this Olympic ruling! This is not even a liberal or conservative issue. Why would ANY liberal be on their knees crying over this ruling??? God, you guys are stupid!

  7. Protesting at the Olympics using the approved means is NOT a protest! Using the banned means of protest is what makes it a protest! Banned protests will still occur! This story? Much ado about nothing!

    1. You do realize that you are a total imbecile? The Olympics do not follow the US Constitution and Bill of Rights! And if athletes Do protest They will be banned from future competitions ! Protests of Any sorts are not part of the Olympic Foundation!

  8. Good job Olympic Committee. Meghan Rapinoe has no business on the Olympic team. She does not represent me or the millions of conservatives who love this country. She is a shameful piece of dogmeat. Obviously an angry one at that. Way too much negativity.

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