Trump RESPONDS To Nancy’s Sham War Powers Vote That PROVES He’s The ONLY Commander In Chief!

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Eric A. Blair from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump on Thursday that Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani “were looking to blow up our embassy” in Iraq before Trump ordered the U.S. military to take the terrorist out.

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21 thoughts on “Trump RESPONDS To Nancy’s Sham War Powers Vote That PROVES He’s The ONLY Commander In Chief!

  1. President Trump needs to set Marshall Law upon the Us. The he can arrest Pelosi and her crew as well as the 5 crew. Send the criminal Dems. to the Supreme Court for Sedition and Treason. Kick out all terrorists and the United Nations. Now Terrorists are those that want to block our President.

    1. I think at some time in the near future if Trump is still POTUS that he will have to make certain types of marshal law in order to ensure the safety of the citizens. For example sanctuary cities …cities where the is no bail for serious crimes…open borders as you have no idea what type of people you let in for example TERRORISTS. Without it the law abiding americans will bear the brunt of this FAR LEFT ATTACK . MAGA KAGA.

    2. Please, folks, it is MARTIAL Law! Not “Marshall” Law. Mistakes like that lend credence to the Demo-rat narrative Trump supporters are uneducated Hill Billies.

  2. 1 boss and its not Nancy ! I say Pres Trump has power over congress , it’s called veto power…..his 2nd term will feature health care fix, 2nd tax cuts, and balanced budget law, with federal govt sliced by 30% !

  3. Trump is a liar and an idiot! He thinks Pelosi’s bill means she defends Soleimani. Nothing could be further from the truth. Show me any American who defends Soleimani? But Trump and Elijah think ALL Democrats defend Soleimani. Just how stupid can you get?

    1. Sure seems like only leadership people in world condemning President Trump for taking out terrorist leader are USA democrats

    2. Andre. Do you get paid by Soros? You sure don’t listen to what is really going on. Thye house cannot restrict Trumps power without changing the constitution. And talking ab out liars. That is all the democrats know how to do is lie.

    3. How stupid do you think we are when the Democraps want Socialism, free EVERYTHING FOR ILLEGALS and to hell with our citizens. I think President Trump wants our citizens to be first.

  4. I wish that all these so called patriots who have been fueling this sham impeachment debacle would be forced to resign for failure to perform the duty that they were worn to do besides wasting millions on this foolishness. To watch these folks stand there straight faced and lie to the public is disgusting to watch.

    1. Apparently they all suffer from DDS (democrat delusional syndrome), since it seems like only democrats or democrat sympathizers seem afflicted

  5. Pelosi isn’t happy just being speaker of the house, she wants to be the president of the united states. That is how she is acting and the stupid dems are supporting her insane behaviour.

  6. Please read the Constitution befor you try to imply that Trump can start a war without the legislative branch. If U.S. soldiers are going to put their lives on the line, is it not better to have many people, ie Congress, help to solidify the decision instead of just one person?

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