Trump Is An Excellent President – MASSIVE Foreign Policy Victory W/Iran

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Daily Wire YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Michael Knowles explains how Donald Trump was underestimated and how he has become an excellent President.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Is An Excellent President – MASSIVE Foreign Policy Victory W/Iran

  1. President Trump is the best President EVER. May the history books tell it correctly!!.
    In Canada the East (due to population) controls the vote…that is why we have alll left news, newspapers, all media, etc. speaking only left ideals (think like Dems)
    We need a right wing news channel like FOXNYC.
    We must all pray that President Trump is able to withstand alll the evils he has faced every day since he was elected!! The world is a much safer & better place. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for complimenting our President! I was born and raised in Alberta and my heart breaks for what the ignorant LEFT has done to ruin Canada!
      I lived under the thumb of the first “TRUDEAU” – Pierre Elliott – and I can’t believe they voted for a second one! I can still remember my Mom almost losing her mind over PIERRE ELLIOT TRUDEAU! And not too long ago I remember Justin Trudeau making the comment “I would prefer to use the word “all HUMANKIND” instead of “all MANKIND”!!! The idiocy of people who think they are being politically correct with such a comment, leaves me ABSOLUTELY STUNNED!!

  2. I’m certainly Glad we have Trump to stop the demonrats in their tracks from putting through Socialism & all their other terrible ideas (if they have the ability to think of any. Nancy may be the thinker of them all & they just the sheep followers). No, I agree, Trump rates up there with Reagan as one of our BEST Presidents. He has worked HARD for this term with all the demonrats have been doing to hinder him. I am SO mad at them that I hope NO on in their right mind EVER votes DEMONRAT again! Actually NO one IN their right mind WOULD ever vote for a demonrat period. They are too out of tune & wanting to go to Socialism. NO one with an iota of intelligence would be for that!

  3. Trump IS one of our best Presidents. He rates up there with Reagan. No one with an iota of intelligence would vote for a demonrat who wants Socialism, so I am COMPLETELY against demonrats

    1. Looks like she repeated herself. Wonder if Patriot Headline told her they did not publist her first one. They have done that to me before also. Can’t tell about the blog promisers. They say they will shoe all blogs, but don’t do so. Must be demonrats

    2. NO SOCIALISTS ARE WANTED IN AMERICA! Hey Bernie Sanders, you’re fine with Socialism cause you’re loaded with money! Tell us where you got it all before u end up in some fancy nursing home!
      And how about your wife?

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