Boom! Trump Signs Historic Executive Order Seconds Gets Praise And Scorn

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Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, On Wednesday, in the White House, President Trump signed a historic executive order aimed at anti-Semitism (that was immediately met by members of the democrat party as a bad thing.)

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45 thoughts on “Boom! Trump Signs Historic Executive Order Seconds Gets Praise And Scorn

        1. I agree. Good for President Trump. If there isn’freedom of speech in schools and campus, then they shouldn’t expect any help. Our President did the right thing. The moron democraps can go suck an egg. They are only on this earth like ticks on a poor dog. To irritate. They will soon meet their fate. Trump 2020!!!

      1. Actually it is spelled DEMONCRATS because they are behaving as Satan’s demonic angels who have rebelled against God and who seek to pervert justice, sex, fairness, liberty, and everything else. Pay attention to what they are doing and you will HAVE to agree.

      2. It is actually spelled DEMOCRAPS, to denote the that they are no more that fowl smelling waste, and are unable to act on their own, and need to be expelled to rot in the sewage tank.

  1. If President Trump signed an Executive Order making all democrats Gods to the American people, the demwits would complain that he is making fools of them.. Only problem, they would be right..

  2. What is both ironic and hypocritical about Trump’s executive orders is that he has signed more executive orders during his three and half years in the White House than President Obama signed during his eight-year administration. To be sure, President Obama had a GOP-controlled Congress to deal with after 2014, who naturally blocked President Obama whenever it could thus changing from one of the most productive to one of the least productive Congress in history and would go on to bellow and belly-ache about President Obama having to use executive orders to get things done. Trump, on the other hand, has had a GOP-led Congress until 2018, when the House switched over to the Democrats. And yet, prior to 2018, the GOP-led Congress would remain the least productive Congress. Which begs the rhetorical question: What’s wrong with this picture? Answer: Donald Trump and do-nothing GOP!
    Happy Holidays all!

    1. If your waiting for me to bow down, and kiss your feet, we’ll wait a few minutes. I gotta ask Hillary, if it’s Okay !!!!!!!
      ssssssssssssss, NOPE, she said your a looser !!!

    2. You can’t blame that on trump Obama his 1st year and a 1/2 had a house and senate that was full of democrats he had the authority to write anything he want to and didn’t so don’t blame trump

    3. Sorry bro! You and the Demo rats are just going to have to live with POTUS until well after 2024. He is the Best POTUS since Lincoln, and he does this for Free!
      Nobody on your side would ever consider
      Volunteer Work for America.
      Let that sink in.

    4. BS. The democrats have fought Trump on what he was trying to do from the first day he was elected. They were looking forward for impeachment from day one.

    5. This congress not only stonewalls trump but attempts to impeach him. The reason obysmals republican majority congress stonewalled him is bc obysmal increased our debt by 85% primarily on social programs and did nothing to stop foreign trade which has eliminated millions of jobs and thousands of companies in this country. Obysmal buddies up with “too big to fail” multinationals that were prospering overseas but showed domestic balance sheets as being broke. The obysmal congress maintained ethical and moral behavior which certainly cannot be said for the squad

    6. It’s not true, more liberal lies.
      President Total Executive Orders
      42 Bill Clinton 364
      43 George W. Bush 291
      44 Barack Obama 276
      45 Donald Trump 135

    7. MOST OF TRUMPS EXECUTIVE ORDERS ( a precedent well established by Mr Obama)
      It would be a great idea for ALL who read this post to take the FREE on line
      public policy course from HILLSDALE COLLEGE..Our ELECTED Congress does NOT
      controlthe country in the way the Congresswas setup…and I’m just speakingof day to day
      not the craziness of the last 3 yrs. You will learn a great deal about WHY the countryis messed up

    8. Trump had to sign executive orders to undo what Obama’s executive orders had done. The current congress is the most do nothing congress in my lifetime. Hopefully they will all be replaced next election. Put the blame where it belongs with Pelosi, Schumer, and ole Hillary herself.

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