Boom! AOC Will Hate Mr. Reagan’s Secret Weapon To End The Squad, But It Will Leave You In Stitches!

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Mr Reagan is back to take on the AOC and the squad! Last time he was here he tore the mask of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s puppet masters now he’s turning the whole squad into animated cartoon characters. Because why not? Everything they say in real life is a joke!

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14 thoughts on “Boom! AOC Will Hate Mr. Reagan’s Secret Weapon To End The Squad, But It Will Leave You In Stitches!

  1. AOC from day 1 has acted like a child. I think every one.of them has violated the contributions laws . I have noticed neither of them has been arrested. AOC lied about the immigrants drinking h2o from the toilet water.

  2. Funny how almost every “person of color” in congress is anti-Trump. Hmmm. Especially women of color. What is that about,they couldn’t be racist,could they?

  3. I think OAC’s acts of “stupidity” MAY only be an act. The call for SOCIALISM, Climate Change Crisis (a Sham), the FAKE “fainting” at the southern Border and other thing like this is indicative of an ACTOR, or an ANNOUNCER of what MAY be coming our way. If so, then she is a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR and may need to be looked into. She may be more than a “useful idiot” and MAY need to be impeached for TREASON. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  4. The whole charade happening within our so called elected officials has go on far too long. It seems as though they have lost their purpose. They spend more time chasing after illusions instead of doing their real job. It’s past time to take that BIG BROOM and clean house. The one way to do that is at the ballot box, so to speak. This next election is going to be a dooooozie.

    1. Just more and more reasons more states need to get on board for an Article 5 Convention Of States! Check out their website and see how you can help KAGA for real and help Trump keep the promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  5. I really don’t know where everyone is coming from today. BUT everyone that I see is OF some color.
    RED, WHITE, BLACK, and YELLOW and all other shades of each of this base colors.
    Where are you people today coming from? This is sad.

  6. Their seats are already back in Republican hands. As for them AOC, Tlaib and Omar all are Criminals and should be locked up. AOC is using a prostitute namely the guy she claims is her boyfriend. She pays him so what other name fits what he is??? Tlaib is guilty of CampaignFinance Violations. Omar should be deported along with her entire family. She is guilty of IMMIGRATION FRAUD
    , BIGAMY, INCEST and if the Charges are True spying on the US for another Nation. The last part would get her hanged but I say ship her back to Somalia there she will get her head removed and rightly so.

  7. Someone has tampered with my first comment. Essentially what I said was this whole charade in Washington D.C. has gone on far too long. Those so called elected officials in Washington D.C. have strayed from their primary mission and have spent more of their time chasing after illusions instead of doing their job as it should be done. It’s past time to get that BIG BROOM and clean house. The best way yo do that is at the ballot box. Re- election time is approaching. Lt’s take back our country.

  8. Everyone knows how the mud people got elected their districts were fill with illegals bus in by a crooked politician. Still walking around free, and his administration too. Instead of being put away for their crimes they still walk the streets with freedom and still corrupting the Government system.

  9. AOC and the rest of the “The Squad” are nothing more then hateful moronic, ugly, liberal Democrats who were born losers and will die losers.

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