Trump Challenger Bill Weld Has Bs Border Wall Logic That’ll 100% Lose Him The Election!

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The Hill reports, Republican primary challenger Bill Weld is accusing President Trump of using the border wall as a “scare tactic” for his own political benefit. Trump made the construction of a wall along the southern border central to both his campaign and tenure in office.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Challenger Bill Weld Has Bs Border Wall Logic That’ll 100% Lose Him The Election!

  1. what does Bill Weld have to show as to prove that his system of border security will work besides nothing
    he basically wants to repeat OBAMAS disaster.

    1. So true as I am from MA and remember him as a pure RINO. He was just like any Democrappic governor of MA. Oh well all’s well that ends Weld.

  2. I have a fairly good idea about what is going to happen.With the cartel violence that has been happening in Mexico lately we need to secure or border.Sometime soon cartel violence will spill over our border and than idiotic Democruds will realize that a wall is needed

    1. Democrats already know the wall is needed and how it works to funnel most people to entry points, they just won’t admit it. As soon as a D becomes President they will contort themselves into a “ball of worms” trying to justify why, suddenly, a wall is needed and “No, it has nothing to do with the party in office… don’t believe your lying eyes”. HA! Liars! Sadly, or maybe that should be fortunately, this is not how all Democrats are, this is basically just the elitists on either coast. Enjoy 2020, watching all the MSM predict Trump going down and then watch them cry when he wins…. again! LOL!!!

    2. Actually the Democruds are so corrupt they will be like Sgt. Shultz from Hogan’s Heroes. I see nothing.

  3. Bill weld was exposed years ago as part of the drug money caper that the deep state was involved in order to get
    repaid by the broke Latin American banks for money they borrowed and couldn’t repay. Drugs were shipped to the USA
    and the profits from the drug business were used to repay the loans. Fake Russian Collusion Mueller was allegedly involved in this operation.
    Who would have thought it? But don’t expect this info to slap you in the face. It’s well hidden just like the reports that the drugs were
    delivered around the USA with Federal Reserve planes so they could avoid the law and wouldn’t be inspected. that’s probably why most money
    is tainted with cocaine. The deep state is corrupt. it’s corrupt all the way down.

  4. I dang sure knew it this old loon is a Socialist Democrap plant as they know he is not a winner but one indoctrinated to try in causing foolish problems in the election. Devilcraps will go to all means to jump Pres Trump with stupid mouthing meaning exactly nothing.

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