BREAKING: Roger Stone Found GUILTY On ALL Counts In Trial Stemming From Mueller Probe

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Ron Blitzer and Jake Gibson from FOX News reports, Roger Stone was found guilty on all counts of obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress by a jury in Washington, D.C. federal court, after deliberations had been going on since Thursday morning.

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21 thoughts on “BREAKING: Roger Stone Found GUILTY On ALL Counts In Trial Stemming From Mueller Probe

  1. I have a lawyer friend who has tried lots of cases himself who attended three days of the trial. He said Stone’s defense was incredibly weak. The Mueller Report had some portions redacted based on pending grand jury investigations. This was one. Now we have six Trump campaign and appointees convicted by guilty pleas or jury trials. These are some of Trump’s best.

  2. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Roger Stone as a personality, Roger Stone was not convicted of any pre-meditated crime. “Guilty on all charges” are only charges that were brought against him due to the investigation itself. They could not actually find any crime that he had been guilty of related to Trump, Russia, Wikileaks, or any of the things the Mueller “investigation” was supposed to be investigating. So in an attempt to bully him into turning into a state’s witness against Trump, they kept working him until they could find things they could charge him with. They know that if they can put you through endless days of interrogation long enough, eventually you are going to do or say something, have a faulty memory of some detail, or misstate something, or equivocate on something — which they can then pounce on and charge you with lying. Then they maneuver to bring you before a corrupt judge, like radical leftist Judge Amy Berman who would not allow Roger Stone to enter evidence that would have clearly shown the entire case to be a total prosecutorial fraud. If you are in collusion with a corrupt judge who will only selectively allow evidence, you can con any jury into a conviction. The idea, of course, is to bankrupt Roger Stone as punishment for not turning on Trump in order to make it easier for himself.

    1. You make an interesting case, but I wonder if you find it compelling that 12 jurors agreed with the prosecutors. The evidence apparently was persuasive that Mr. Stone told significant lies under oath. Even if the prosecution was out to get him, that’s no excuse for lying.

      1. He was convicted of process crimes. Process crimes are usually changed in statements made prior. As an example they ask you who was involved in a group phone call. You enumerate the people that participated in the discussion. After numerous hours/days of interrogation they ask if Richard was also in the group. Richard didn’t say anything that you remembered so you didn’t include him in the initial list. So you now say he was part of the group. So now they can say you lied to prosecutors because you didn’t list him initially. That’s often the type of things they use to charge you with a process crime. If you add or subtract one thing in your testimony you repeat over days of interrogation they can charge you with liking.

        1. Gary, witness tampering and obstruction are not the process crimes you’re speaking of. If all he was guilty of were process crimes like those you gave the example of, he wouldn’t be facing the type of jail time he is. He did a lot more than just some simple process crimes.

  3. Stone should bring it his case all the way up to the Supreme Court, for everyone knows that Washington was not going to give him a fare trial and the curt their is bias!!!

  4. This is very sad. This man lost everything and so did his poor wife. And all because he WOULDN,t lie about the President. SO this sounds like a third world country to me , but maybe a lot worse. And it,s not because it,s President Trump, it,s because it,s the POTUS. With all the lies being told from Obama to Clinton to Shiff and God only knows who else. There has been so much lying over many years and nothing have been done to these people. Why this one man who no one has ever heard of compared to the rest. I wish Trump could do something for him.


  6. Lesson here, do not talk to fed’s or police without your lawyer present. Cop say’s “good morning” ask for lawyer.

  7. IMPEACHED for 545 D.C. Not Pres Trump. 20-25 years for D.C. All Kennedy 1964. D.C. all Mafia, CIA, FBI, Cuba in self. Call the tell the newspaper and computer. Not D.C.

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