McCain’s Widow EXPLODES On ENTIRE Republican Party In Latest Interview

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Justin Caruso from The Daily Caller reports, Cindy McCain, wife of late Sen. John McCain, said that he would be “disgusted” by the actions of Republicans under President Donald Trump during a CNN interview that aired this weekend.

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116 thoughts on “McCain’s Widow EXPLODES On ENTIRE Republican Party In Latest Interview

  1. If Cindy McCain really knew what her husband was really like she would be better off keeping her mouth shut, i knew him personally, my late wife stumped for him when he first ran for the senate seat in Arizona, and i could read him like a book! He didnt run for the Senate to help the people from Arizona , it was all about John, the songbird as his fellow prisoners of war dubbed him? He tired to distract from his militay record. But a shunk never changes his stripe . He was there only to enrich himself, and he married Cindy for her Money, and when she found about what he really was she turned to drugs trying to cope with what she had done

    1. LOL! You are funny! Trump is the one who cares nothing about anyone himself, he is the most selfish man alive, and is enriching himself at taxpayers expense. At least John, his father and grandfather served their country, unlike draft-dodger Trump, and his draft-dodging father and two sons. By the way, don’t post until you learn to spell simple words like “militay”and “shunk”. You are most likely another stupid Trumpie.

      1. mccain was married with a wife and kids when she spread her legs for him. He was an adulterer and the ONLY reason he wasn’t court-martialed was his daddy called in favors. If she had ANY sense she’d shut up and tell her stupid daughter to do the same thing. he was NOTHING but a coward, adulterer, and a rhino.

        1. And Trump is guilty of what every one of those women have been saying about him.
          Starting with Stormy and all the way down tbe line.

          And what about all those underage girls he, Epstein, Clinton were partying with?


          All white old men in power do this.

          1. If you recall, President Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Largo, prior to 2010, because the pedophile abused a young girl there; following that DJT had no further contact with Epstein. And if you hadn’t noticed, the name Trump did NOT appear on any of those flight logs. Didn’t you catch the blurb about “those women who have been saying things about him” WERE PAID $200K to manufacture those stories? Seems you’ve had your head buried in the lamestream media propaganda machine and nothing else.

        2. What would be nice is if people realized both sides are corrupt and if they had more intelligent discussions other than bashing the president or McCain. Let’s move on.

        1. It’s you’re not Your. Regardless how you spelled it sir you are correct. McCain was no war hero and if Trump committed adultery it’s still not near as bad as what the demwits has done and trying to do to our country. Melania apparently has forgiven him , if he did these things therefore its neither your business nor mine!!

      2. Paul Williams, you’re one SICK puppy! I was in the Navy & I know wha t McCain’s military record was like. Had he not had high ranking family in the Navy, he would have been charged with many crimes, up to and including treason. On a scale of 1 to 10, his service to our country would rate about a 2!

        1. It would be in Mrs. McCains best interest to shut her trap! John McCain was NO hero. This guy was so irresponsible he allowed many people he served with to die because his antic’s. The only reason he got away with the stupidity he did while in the Navy was his Father the Admiral hushed Johns behavior because he had clout! No, McCain jr. was no hero. He was a laughing joke! Rich kid with Daddy the Admiral there to cover up all his silliness while in the Navy. Somehow someone probably a family member want his legacy to seem as those he was a hero but he was not. Sad, his granddaughter Meghan on the “ View” talked about her Grandad like she stood on a Pedestal and a hero. Awful how sh’s going to have to eventually find out what type person he really was. Sad her family didn’t didn’t share all this with her as it makes her look silly defending this man!

          1. Meghan McCain is his daughter, not granddaughter. Also, he had 2-3 children with his first wife whom he left after she was injured badly in a car crash after he returned home from war. Nice guy, baloney.

        2. Ms. McCain cannot salvage McCain’s legacy. It’s like trying to make a sow’s ear into a silk purse. McCain from jump one was up for the highest bidder. Loyalty…truth…he never knew ’em. Nice try Ms. McCain for your cause is lost. Such a shame!

      3. Another lame lefty that has nothing to bring to the discussion but name calling and spelling errors. President Trump is the best President this Country ever had. McCain wasn’t because he like you brought nothing to the table but a weak record and losses in his failed bids to run for President. Four more years under President Trump and then hopefully 8 more under one of his fine kids as our next president!

        1. John McCain served himself no one else, he was a Rhino, an adulterer with the woman that dribbles on an on about his legacy, Ask Sarah Palin what John McCain stands for. In 2008 he made a deal with Obama not to bring up the economy during the election. Right after he made the agreement he went on the air breaking the agreement he made just 10 minutes earlier almost causing an economic global disaster. Legacy? sorry Cindy but he destroyed it.

      4. How has he enriched himself exactly? By not taking a paycheck?… By discontinuing forgein business because its unethical?… Or by losing over a billion dollars of his fortune since he’s been president? All verified via freedom of information act.

      5. John McCain s a traitor to our country..he is the one who hates..he turned over the fake dossier to the democrats who paid $160,000 for it …who is the stupid one now ….I believe it was songbird and the democrat.left.far left.socialist .progressive party

      6. McCain was a back stabbed in the Senate just as he was in Vietnam Nam! He stabbed his own men in the back and did the same to President Trump and the senate! Believe and trust him, never did and never would! It was always about him and no one else! Not even his daughter Megan will ever accept the truth about him, he was a liar and a traitor!

      7. Paul, you need to grammar check your post before you post it. Our President is not receiving a salary except what he’s being forced to collect, and that is being donated to charity.

      8. Sounds like your talking about McCain no wonder he was such a sneaky person he left his wife for that she probably drive him crazy the whole family are self serving brats

      9. Yo Paul Williamson evidently you don’t know about McCain being a traitor to this Country as a Vietnam Era vet I know all about McCain you talk about Trump being a draft dodger where did Clinton go lets see could it be to Cambridge University in England tell us about Obama’s military service!

      10. You my dear have been brainwashed and lied to by the democRATic politician’s and the fake/fraud media!!!!! I was a democRAT up until a few years ago. I grew tired of the democRATs LIES and dirty politics. The democRATs are the ones that’s out for themselves and screw the taxpayers!!!! Tell me one thing that the democRATs have done to make your life better???????

      11. Many people can be self centered. McCain was a rino in many ways. Trump is also self centered, but he has done more for this country in 3 years than the all the presidents since Reagan. The truth about McCain is something we personally may not be able to ever know, but the people who had personal contact with him over the years have a better handle on who and what he was than the public. When other prisoners who lived through the prison time in Vietnam at the time McCain was there called him a songbird, that is prison talk and it is very often exactly correct. In our prison system a prisoner would be called a snitch and his life would be in jeopardy in the prison system here.

        1. Oh you can learn the truth about McCain. Go on line & ask: What was the name of the ship McCain caused the fire on, how many lives were lost. You should be able to pull it up. I don’t remember the name of the ship or I would type it in.

      12. Paul,
        Trump doesn’t need money. He doesn’t even take a SALARY for being PRESIDENT. Doesn’t sound like he is all about himself.🤔 He has kept his promises, unlike the career politicians. If John McCain had voted YES on health care change, that would be another promise fixed. McCain was a traitor 2 GOP, & he voted with Democrats most of the time. U need 2 read a book on McCain’s life & U will find out about the true McCain. It was so disgusting. Trump is keeping his promises & I hope the investigations coming out will expose the DemonRats once & for all.
        TRUMP2020 🇺🇸💙🖒😁

    2. Robert I agree with you; I voted for Mc Cain but now I see what he did to Trump. He stab his back twice with OBAMA CARE AND WITH THE FAKE FISA . SHE SHOULD DO A GREAT SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY IF SHE KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT.

    3. Do not persist in attempting to tell the American people how great your husband was. He was not. He was an opportunist, jealous, and highly critical of anyone he thought more popular than him. Planning his own funeral in all of it s adoration and ideology says what a lousy human being he was. Alot of our wonderful military have been prisoners of war and endured everything your husband endured but they did not come back to divorce, remarriage and the glory and pomp due to his family’s naval ties . You lived with him so you knew him. Stop attempting to personify him as someone he was not.

  2. Senator McCain “fell out” with practically an entire party of elected Republicans, that is one helluva giant order to prosecute, but he stubbornly stuck to his opinions, with no evidence ever, of wavering from his hard-core feelings for any of them who preferred to see issues as they would deal with them. McCain was absolutely never going to “give in”, even moderate his judgment in fairness to others. Apparently, once a stand was taken by him, it had become impossible for him to modify, no matter how self-destructive it would prove. Apparently, that “path of self-destruction” was his proof that his stance of an issue was so correct that others were incapable of seeing its significance. Of course, he was so stubborn, that trait pushed him past any logical limits. It was his proof to self that he was the champion over whatever tried to affect him. Ergo, the result which claimed wife Cindy, also a result which turned his loving daughter into an explosive pit-bull. Prior to his P.O.W. experience in Hanoi, I only knew the name McCain as the surname of a distinguished, traditional, U.S. Navy family. Then, John McCain, naval aviator being shot down over Hanoi while on a bombing mission…then his grievous injuries from escaping from his highly damaged aircraft, and ending with torture as a North Korean P.O.W. Not until he was able to resume a place in the U.S. Senate, was the American public to see what long captivity, pain, permanent disability, possibly pain medications regular intake, had left McCain to endure for the rest of his life existence.

    1. You left out the part where he blew up ONE OF OUR SHIPS!!!! And, of course, those who REALLY KNEW him called him SONGBIRD. He was a traitor. Plain and simple.

    1. Why are you so afraid of a dead man?
      You should be afraid of the person
      with the twitter-finger who bought his way into the presidency.
      Did any of you ever hear of the word
      nepotism? probably not….it has more than four letters. That mob of spoiled brats he calls his advisors are the product of his high moral character
      and his women. ( Iguess he grabbed them by the pussey)
      Now that is presidential language!

  3. President Nixon pardoned McCain, who was facing a firing squad for treason. Does his daughter know this? When he ran against Bush for the nomination in 2000, he was very nasty. How Democratic of him. He was accused of giving our troop movements to the NVA that resulted in many casualties. I will never forget him, Hanoi Jane and traitor John Kerry.

    1. 3 feathers who stuck it to the USA every chance they had.
      Isn’t Kerry’s son hanging with Hunter Biden or didn’t he sever on that Board with him??

      Now with have Nancy,Adam and the 4 ungly Ladies.

  4. Well, all McCain’s POW trials and terrors did not keep him from cheating on his wife when he got home and proposing to this one while still married and living with his wife. I have no respect for that man.

  5. John McCant has received the benefit of the doubt from my father and myself far too many times. Because my Father served under his Grandfather. He is NOT a great man by any stretch of the imagination. He said one thing and did the opposite more van a few times. He thought it was more important to settle the score and screw everybody in America rather than be honorable. He was a POW so people speak politely-truth is its the only significant thing he ever did.

    1. McCain cost the lives of many sailer on board THE USS forreststall WHEN he sent a missile across the deck into other planes loaded with missiles alot of good men lost their lives or was seriously injured and it almost sunk the ship

  6. this woman needs to fade into the sunset and shut up and take that daughter of hers with he. her husband was a traitor and a disgrace to this country. he always like to play i was a pow card for sympathy . he was never much of a vice president but what do you expect bush was never much of a president either.

  7. He was not beaten and starved in Viet Nam He was treated very well since he gave up information. Who doesn’t know he was traitor to his country???? He didn’t win the race for president because he was a fraud. Why Arizona voted this man into congress is beyond me. He cheated on his first wife, so that should tell you a lot about his morals. Go away the family wrecker and sleazy woman.

    1. America will! Or maybe you’ve missed the overflow crowds at mega-sports stadiums often with numbers outside equal to the inside! Trump did more FOR AMERICA….his first several months than Obummer did in 8 years.News of his election sent the stock market on an amazing upward climb that largely continues! One major stock I own is up over 70% this year!
      He will be re-elected! There is no DEMOCRAP with credentials or support to challenge him!
      The fraud Congress hearing for impeachment will and has alienated even more Americans! Those DEMOCRAPS staging this stunt….WILL PAY A PRICE AT ELECTION TIME! And EVEN IF THEY DO IMPEACH…..THE SENATE ACTS AS ‘jury for the trial’, and with the fraud in the facts and charges……THEY WILL ACQUIT!

      1. So, you don’t think the stock market would have zoomed into space if Hillary had won?

        Why not, coprporate globalism/communism would have then become the law of the land and everything would have been free….as Bernie said!!

        Was he really going top sell his 3 multi-million dollar mansions to feed the poor people?

        What a great communist Bernie was, huh? A real caring comrade!!!

  8. As a Vietnam Veteran I was behind McCain.
    I gave him the benefit of the doubt about his alleged cooperation with the enemy against his own fellow POWs while a prisoner of the NVA.
    I was a little skeptical about the accusation of his negligence on the aircraft carrier.
    But after seeing his betrayal to President Trump and the Republican party, I realized that he probably did betray his fellow POWs.



    1. The Nazis brainwashed millions of their followers too, and as such millions perished pursuing a false ideology.

      I see the same thing happening here in America and Western Europe as well. Lots of brainwashed false believers are getting ready to take the BIG nap!!

      What goes round, comes around………and justice is about to be served!!!

      We are about to see who the REAL bullies have been all along……chiao!

  10. After reading the comments above I’m sure Trump’s limited vocabulary ,
    his habit of name calling and insulting
    anyone who disagrees with him and his morals of an alley cat on steroids
    must be going viral through the
    Repulsive party.

    1. No doubt about that!

      Why can’t the Clintons come back so, so we can have some real morality in the White House again, huh?

      And, ohhhh how they cared about the poor minorities in the inner cities!!!

    John McCain was. IF she thinks that everybody owns her a seat this FRAUD and POOR EXCUSE of a human being in CONGRESS she more LOONEY TUNES than he OLD FOSSIL of a man she is DEAD CRAZY !!

  12. Let’s not forget the keating 5 and all those many seniors who list their life savings so McCain could help his buddy while taking private trips to jesting private Caribbean island. Read about the keating 5 and the Lincoln savings bank. McCain should have paid back to all those people after he told federal regulators to back off investigating his friend’s bank.

    1. What may I ask is you’re problem!!! Its ones opinion on any given subject!! Where did you read about the disrespect to women where????


  14. Easy to see and hear just how indoctrinated by songturd she is,

    but thought she was going to run for his seat in Congress.what huge waste of money and our time.

  15. Larry K I’m a Vietnam Era vet and take it from me he sang so loud he earned the nickname Songbird of Hanoi and he was also responsible for the fiasco on the U.S.S Forrestal also while going thru flight training he crashed a few fighter jets!

  16. Cindy McCain has been brainwashed by that Traitor Bastard husband John McCain. She is as stupid as Daughter Meghan in praising him. Traitor John McCain stabbed Trump in the back every chance he got, he was a butt buddy to Hillary Clinton, Obama and the Democrat party.

  17. What everyone has to realize that CINDY grew up in a different world then most, as the saying goes “she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth!” When you are that privileged in life you are not in mind destined to fail, therefore Cindy and others like Cindy who do fail can never in mind admit to failure, Cindy & Meghan in mind do know what the truth is but failure to them
    Can never be an option they will fight on to protect that silver spoon!

  18. Senator McCain is gone but the wife & daughter are attempting to keep his so called legacy alive. They need to stay out of the public eye, keep their opinions to themselves & go home and live their lives as private citizens. I for one, am totally exausted of seeing or hearing anything that refers to the McCains including the likes of the Clintons, Gores, Obamas’, Bidens , Carters and even the Bushes. All are gone ( Biden should have left yrs. ago) & now are history – that’s it! We are in the Trump dynasty – MAGA!!!!

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