Trish Regan: Democrats Are Choosing Politics Over Country

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Fox News Business YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

FOX Business’ Trish Regan gives her thoughts on the upcoming public impeachment inquiry hearings and whether the U.S. will soon see an emotional ‘civil strife’ between Republicans and Democrats.

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3 thoughts on “Trish Regan: Democrats Are Choosing Politics Over Country

  1. I think you are right. The Democrats are out of control. I don’t think Congress shouldn’t collect a salary, because they have done nothing, but waste our money.

  2. Demo-Rats care nothing about America, or legal Americans.
    They would rathered see all of America destroyed, than see Trump succeed!
    They hate Trump, and they hate Trump supporting Deplorables!
    Trump has made America number one, over foreign countries, unlike Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Osama Obama, who sold out America, and legal Americans, to Enrich foreign countries!
    The Dirty Nazi-Crats especially Sanders, and Warren, want to make illegals number one in America, over legal Americans, and want to give illegals our health care, plus more and better Welfare, while we taxpayers foot all the debt!

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